Being a certified Patchwork & Quilting teacher

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ckquilter wrote
on 8 Nov 2013 7:19 PM

hi pat

you can search forever and look to teach someone else's info - but that is not what most quilters are looking for.

most beginning quilters are gonna take classes to learn how to do things - rotary cut, foundation paper piece, free motion quilt.....and you can always set up classes for that.   these would often be taught at the local quilt shop, or through adult education.

if you want to share your knowledge, but not be financially reimbursed (although the benefits are fantastic) you canoffer to teach at local schools - as part of their art or home ec training. or for the local girl scouts or 4H or childs club...........................

more advanced quilters are gonna be looking for more art inspired education - using art knowledge. special methods to turn quilts into fabric art.painting. embellishing. specialty free motion methods.  they will see work by someone - and want to know how to do that.  so if you are making things that are unique to you - then that is what people will want to learn from you.

you will then need to decide what to teach, and how to teach it, and how long is the class..................

in other words, if you want to teach, quit trying to follow someone else's plan - and design your own class. move away from being the student and into sharing YOUR  knowledge.                                        ckquilter



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