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janetr.s57 wrote
on 25 Nov 2013 11:17 AM

Hi. I originally tried printing on cotton while making a memory quilt & had good results using an epson sx105 printer; the colour didn't wash out. Unfortunately, the printer broke & was discontinued so I bought an HP deskjet 3520. The quality is excellent, like a photo but the slightest drop of water dissolves the printer. On recommendation from a screen-printer friend I then bought another Epson wf 2010 as it used durabrite ink which doesn't wash out. Unfortunately the quality is absolute rubbish. I've tried changing settings etc, but nothing works. Can anyone help please?

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Muppin wrote
on 25 Nov 2013 11:56 AM

You don't mention that you are using treated fabric, but unless your cotton fabric is specifically treated to accept InkJet ink, none of it will be permanent.  You need to either buy fabric that is pretreated or treat it yourself using something called BubbleJet (  I have used this with great results.  I also use cotton that is prepackaged and pretreated.  It's usually cut to printer paper size and works well.  That website has lots of tips and a FAQ as well. 

I heard recently that Durabrite Ink has changed from dye based to pigment based which will affect how all your prints on fabric turn out.

Unfortunately, ink jet ink is not made to bond to fabric, only paper. The manufacturers are not making it to do what we are trying to do with it.  Personally, I would not put any computer printed fabric into a quilt that will be washed.

Cheryl / Muppin




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janetr.s57 wrote
on 25 Nov 2013 1:36 PM

Thank you for that.

I had been looking at that product but it doesn't seem to be available in the UK so it would have to be shipped here.

I can buy it on Amazon so I'll give it a try.


Thanks again for your help

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ckquilter wrote
on 22 Dec 2013 5:07 AM

hi janet

th e fabric you print on also makes a big difference.     there are a lot of them available. some print real well. others are pretty bad.

i have not bought any in the last year or 2. so i am not familiar with anything new, or if they have changed.   i have used only the pretreated fabric sheets. so i don't know anything about printing on other fabric.

i dislike the june tailor. coarse fabric - which makes poor print quality.

i like the printed treasures, sew in. prints nicely, and my durabrite ink does not wash out.

i also like the silk i bought from dharma. 

make sure you heat set the ink according to directions. but even before doing that, my durabright did not run.

your print quality could also be the printer.    the way it feeds. clean the heads. reset the alignment.

good luck    ckquilter



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