My first Crazy Log Cabin quilt.

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on 10 Jul 2014 10:24 PM

Such a long time since the last time with you, friends.

My last quilt. Lovely experience. I don't like embroidery much but I must admit I did enjoy sewing it.

"Marlene's Memories", after Marlene Dietrich, the actress. I guess she had a number of friends, lots of men must have been in love with her, she was so beautiful! She travelled around the world, stayed at luxurious places, had champagne and enjoyed delicious dishes. She must have received millions of love letters.

As usual, I hope to hear from you. My best regards.


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on 9 Dec 2014 9:50 AM

Super awesome! I love how, even though you don't like the hand embroider you still achieved the same effect with machine stitches and awesome trim. I think I would of actually quilted around the dragonflies echoing their shapes to help define them a bit more, but I love the overall look of the entire quilt. 

How big is it? How long did it take you? I've wanted to try a few crazy quilts, but never got myself to do them, this one is inspiring.

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on 21 Jul 2015 7:26 PM


It´s been a while since my last time here.

The quilt is about 10". And I don´t remembert how long It took me. Embroidering was much longer since everything was done by machine.

I love your comments and I will take them into consideration next time I sew a crazy log quilt.

I would like to show you the one I did for the Little quilt Auction at the National Quilting Association this year. Same techinique but I used another machine. It´s called "American Spirit" 

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