These are the grains of our lives - Need Feedback

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on 17 Jul 2015 1:41 PM

This is the first time on your post and would love some feedback about my current art  project.  This art quilt titled "These are the grains of our lives" was inspired by wood burrells  in nature.  They are all unique and so beautiful to look at.  Each one is a beautiful work of art. Each one is unique.  It came to me that we are like wood burrells in our aging process.  Lots of lines, wrinkles and sometime spots.  This makes us a walking work of art but somehow with all those enhancements out there we don't see ourselves as beautiful.  The watch is to represent that know matter how we try to halt our ageing process..tic,toc,tic,toc time marches on.  Enjoy

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ckquilter wrote
on 18 Jul 2015 2:23 AM

would be nice to have some more close up is hard to see what is going on.


would not have to be quite as close as the one close up - even just taking a closer picture of the 4 quadrants would help.

i like the organic shape of the edge. and i like the tree colors - the browns and greys. the bits of moss green and rust are nice too. all evoke a tree feeling.

what is the red thing near the upper middle? it is a bit bright - by itself. and becomes a focal point. is it supposed to be ?

i like the burl shapes. and their arrangement. but they are all the same size. would be more natural, if one or 2 were larger, and one or 2 were smaller.

without being able to see what things are - it is hard to say much more specifically.

i like the idea of the time -  and can see how the tree represents time.   the clock face is a bit too literal for me - especially with the name - i might have used an hourglass with sand instead of the clock.  maybe even attach it so that it could be turned, to watch the grains of time/sand flow.

also - could you (or is it there and i just can't see it ?) represent the passage of time - something young, something middle aged, something old ?

something young - the old tree nurtures a bird's nest with eggs ??  or some acorns ? or winged maple seeds?? a child's face (maybe printed on a sheer fabric, and tucked into one of the burls?

something middle aged - ? green leaves ? other critters/bugs? another face ? butterfly? dragonfly? spider and web (and the fly caught in the web could be getting closer to dead (old).)

something old - autumn colored leaves (is that what the red shape is ?)    another older face??  empty cocoon ?

does any of the beaded work have a meaning ? special source (like treasures acquired in your travels ?)

i don't care much for the random beading shown in the close up - does not seem to enhance the theme or feeling. seems just tacked on. i do like beading on a piece like this - but it needs to add to the statement - not just be thrown on there.

would very much like to have some more close up views.                      ckquilter


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