Inspired to Quilt Video Prompt Challenges?

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MellyT wrote
on 12 May 2009 1:43 PM

I am hoping to entice some of you in joining me in in playing with dyes and making cloth through a series of Video Prompt Challenges- I encourage you to get my book and join in on the fun. Through video format, I will show you how to engage in a topic, then set you free to explore the ideas and post images of your work right here on the QA community web site.

Using dyes are not as challenging as you might think, If you choose to work with paint, no one will mindr! This is about learning and having fun doing it.

What I would like right now s to link our blogs up, so that we can each read the others triumphs and worries while we play and explore. So check out my blog, please, and let me know if you have interest.


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Go play in your studio!!!

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