Goddesses - do they need more embellishment?

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pandabolt wrote
on 13 Jul 2009 9:45 AM

I have gone back and looked again at your work.

I love the use of the doilies.  I squinted my eyes, and what I saw is the fight for power between the doilies and the figures.  Do you see what I mean?  The lace almost overpowers the goddesses themselves.  Am I right in assuming that the goddesses are what you want to be prominent?

What would happen if you were to stain them( the doilies)?  Or rust them?  Or Paint?  Or an overlay of some kind, perhaps netting? or rusted cheesecloth?  Don't cover them completely?

And another comment on the canvas:  I think what is bothering me is that they are the same size as the quilts.  Experiment with having them be shorter by a couple of inches, and perhaps making them just a tad wider than they currently are.

It's certainly possible that none of these suggestions will give you the design you are looking for, but they are fun to do, to confirm that what you have is exactly what you want.

Great pieces regardless of whatever else you may or may not do with them.

Peggy Holt

Missoula, Montana


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papercoyote wrote
on 14 Jul 2009 10:24 AM


When I ask myself that question, it can reflect a conflict between my eye, that is saying 'it doesn't look finished', and my mind (or maybe hands) that is saying 'I want to finish it now'.  I usually go with the eye since my mind will be in a different place later and my fingers will stop aching, but I will probably always see where I could have added the final bit.  Carolyn 


Thanks Carolyn and Peggy -- You're right, after a week away and a little bit of time spent on another project, I do agree that more needs to be added to this. I've started with more French knots, and will look for some small mirrors at the store later today (love that - I never would have thought of it!). I have some copper colored glass beads too, and some gold tubes that I think I'll try, along with maybe the prayer flags idea mentioned above too, done in related colors, together with some fibers and baubles either hanging from the two sides, across the top or along the bottom edges. It was definitely my hand/mind that wanted this project to be finished already, but not eyes not agreeing yet. And with all of your help it will be much better for it!

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts on this -- I'll post more pictures/questions as it progesses. -- You all are truly art quilting goddesses!

-- Michelle

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Cheshire wrote
on 15 Jul 2009 3:59 PM

Hi papercoyote!

I adore these- what a lovely artwork to hang above your bed! I can see beading or bells or minature bunting along the bottom edges to break up the rectangular shapes. I love the colours you've used and how you've put all the elements together- very inspiring!


Cheshire; smiling whilst dancing to the beat of my own drum...........


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Quilnan wrote
on 16 Jul 2009 6:13 AM

These are lovely! Fabrics, surface stitchery, placement of the elements, the variety in the lace... all of it is so very appealing. I've enjoyed seeing the suggestions in the previous feedback, and will look forward to seeing your "final answer" in a photo of these hangings. The one thing I respond to and wonder about is the whiteness of the background fabric of the printed images. Everything else seems soft and off-white in relationship to them. I'd be curious to see how tea-dye or some other application might soften and blend the white background. It could be fun to print out one to experiement on.  It might also be fun to take a gold leafing pen or other fabric marker and add some highlights or accents within the images. Someone else suggested gold as well as some beading. Those additions might give a spark that would enhance an already lovely project. Also want to ask about the hanger... what is it? Great work and vision in your three pieces. Best regards, Nancy

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papercoyote wrote
on 20 Jul 2009 5:36 AM

Also want to ask about the hanger... what is it?"

The hanger is a tree branch I found in the woods -- It took quite a bit of time to find one that was straight enough and long enough! -- Michelle

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papercoyote wrote
on 24 Oct 2009 1:06 PM

I've added updated photos of these three quilts in a new post on October 24th -- Michelle

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Quilnan wrote
on 24 Oct 2009 2:20 PM

Very nice final resut! Thanks for updating so we can see where you went with these. Great use of your materials. Nancy

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CarolynBoyd wrote
on 26 Oct 2009 7:48 AM


In the 'this is all a big wheel' category, your posting made me realize that I need to keep working on my current piece.  Your pieces have reached a great completeness.  The fullness is a good match for the subject and makes the eye move.  Thanks for sharing.


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TheNeedler wrote
on 26 Oct 2009 8:41 AM

Try looking at the design elements in the fabrics you used in the panels, and look at the doilies themselves.  In each the central design motif is bridged to the rest of the other elements in the design,  The bridges are not always the same color, but they are all the same tone.  Your doilies stand out so prominently and without being bridged to the rest of the panel designs.  The hand-stitching around the doillies do nothinng to bridge them to the rest of the piece.   They echo the shape of the doillie but they do not tie it to the panel design. I sometimes print a photo of my piece on plain white bond paper.  When the print is dry,  I work over it with inks or paints to link design elements together.  This is much easier than adding and subtracting to a piece in progress.  When I think I have found a solution to the design problem,I then work it on the actual piece.  I also do a beadwork design on tulle then lay it on the piece in progress to see if I like the addition before adding it to the piece.  It is easier to rip out thread of  tulle than on the piece in progress.  This is siimilar to Photoshop Layers, nothing is a definite part of the image until all layers are merged together.  The other matter is the height of the whole piece on the wall.  The piece looks visually heavy.  Heavier items are mounted low unless there is a visible support beneath them.  Otherwise, they always look  ready to fall.  The width of the hanging is also artificially extended in the  length of the branch.  Think of  a picture frame,  the frame keeps everything in bounds.  It does this evenly on all sides.  It doesn't taper fromwide to narrow, or it is not a good  frame. Visually the ends of your branch actually distract from your overall design  because they stick out too far.  I really love your idea and it is coming along very well.  Do something to tie all of your design elements together and you will find success.....Jim D 



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Caroberk wrote
on 26 Oct 2009 1:29 PM


I think that you have improved things with the additions to your goddesses. I see that you used the length of the branch to tie the piece to the width of the bed. Perhaps  tassels  in the darker colors you have used would give the ends  a more finished look. Instead of tassels you could try bells, prayer flags, etc. You might also try lowering the piece a few inches and using taller, darker lamp bases with shades the color of the doilies. Something along those lines would tie the whole composition together. Once that is done you will be able to tell if the goddesses need anything else. I think that you are headed in the direction of a very nice look for your room. 



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