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GaileneS wrote
on 11 Sep 2009 8:51 PM

I get very excited when I see my new magazine.  I read the articles on the artists and their materials and techniques and become overwhelmed.  I  have ordered many items, but am still working the same way, that I did before I read the articles.  Is there anyone else feeling the same way?

I am a etsy seller, but I have't sold anything yet.  There is so much great stuff on the site check it out.

I have bought from several sellers,.


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on 18 Sep 2009 7:16 PM

If you find that it is overwhelming and you are not really expanding your art, can I make a few suggestions?

You might want to start small and just play with the items that you have bought from the articles.  Try the technique that you saw in the article but don't feel that you have to complete the project that is in the magazine.  If you are feeling adventurous, incorporate the material and technique into what you do and expand upon it so that you adapt your technique into something that you will want to do again. 

You can also look on the QA or CPS sites/magazines for other articles using the same items but different technique using the same materials so you can get more use out of what you buy. You might not love that technique but love a different technique using the same materials.  The substrate you use might make a difference. Try using different paper or cardboard or fabric or matboard or wood or other surface. A little bit can go a long way. 

Try the technique on a different material or work bigger or smaller depending on what materials you usually work with and how you usually work. 

Invite some art friends over and try the technique together or do a trade using the technique to get motivated to do the technique or to use the material to stretch yourself and what you do. 

When I don't feel motivated or overwhelmed, I have a tendency to do backgrounds and textures. I have a lot of that laying around. I create them and then save them for another day when I am motivated to work on another project.  You can always take bits and pieces of techniques from the magazine, do that, and save it for another day.  A variation of that would be to take pieces of several techniques from different articles and combine them so that you are doing something differently.  Sometimes I just sit at my sewing machine and sew strips or squares together. I might dye muslin or stencil patterns onto fabric. 

Whenever you get an idea or use a new material and try it, you add to your art knowledge, and may use it down the line. You know something now that you did not know before.  You may not use it again but it will come in handy someday when you need that certain "something" and you will remember that you tried this certain something and that technique you tried in the magazine  would be perfect for it.  It is amazing how that all adds up and is useful years down the road.

I used to order a lot of stuff, too.  Okay, I still order stuff now. I just am more selective about what 'stuff" I order.  I think I order more now because I know what I am doing now. LOL!  It is more pricey, too!!!



Belinda aka crazyartgirl


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