luggage tag pattern holiday 08-09

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jmahler90 wrote
on 15 Oct 2009 5:11 AM

Help I have missplaced my issue and I wanted to make the luggage tags  can anybody email me a copy while i wait for my back order to arrive?

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on 20 Oct 2009 1:22 PM

I can rember all but how big to cut the plastic.  I think you can do that to be 1/2" bigger than the size of a business card.

You need 2 pieces of fabric, cut 4.5 x 6.25 for tag body. 

You need 1 piece cut 2 x 14 for the "handle"

You need 2 pieces of the stiff interfacing, cut 3.5 x 5.25.

Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the body pieces so that the interfacing is centered.  You will have about 1/2" on all sides.  Iron this to wrong side of the inferfacing.  Prepare the handle by folding in half lengthwise, wst and pressing.  Open and fold each long edge into the fold.  Repress and sew down both long ends to make the handle.

On one of the body/interfacing pieces you made, center the plastic and sew around one short and two long edges to attach it.  Reinforce at the ends.

Put the 2 body/interfacing pieces you have made, wst.  Fold the handle in half lengthwise (to measure 7") and insert the unfinished edges into the side of the 2 body pieces, by about 1/2"  Sew all the way around the whole thing, about 1/8" from the outside.  You're done.


I hope you can understand these instructins




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judee wrote
on 3 Feb 2010 8:35 AM

Here is a free download with the instructions

Judee Robinson

Interweave Customer Support


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