Do you feel confident in your quilts artistic merits?

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Whidbey2 wrote
on 2 Jan 2010 10:28 PM

Hi Caren,

I spent several years feeling like a fish out of water.  Some people said they liked what I did but didn't really  appreciate it.  8 years ago we moved  and I found quilting and quilting guilds.  No body appreciates your work like guild sisters.  Nobody challenges you like guild sisters.  I still do totally different things than the traditional quilters but they are very supportive.  I belong to several guilds and I found an Art Quilt mini guild.  I am now stretching my abilities way beyond what I could have done alone or just listening to my family and non creative friends.  Now my Husband even has learned to appreciate my work.  I call him my Patron of My Arts.

Follow your own heart but open your world to more creative people.  You can't help but grow.

Happy new year to you and yours


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on 3 Jan 2010 4:48 AM

There's a small gallery/frame shop in the next little town that has shown (and sold one) of my quilts.  Stan bought me two watercolors there for Christmas and while he was the there, the owner asked who he was.  When Stan told him, he said, "Your wife does beautiful work."  And here I thought he just put them in because he knew me when I was a tiny girl.

Comments like that put you on a firmer footing with what you're doing.




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1onerach wrote
on 4 Jan 2010 10:05 PM

Earlier in this post, I wrote about a friend of mine who didn't get my quilts. I believe "potholder" is how she described them. She came to my house the other day and saw one of my quilts hanging up. She immediately said, "Ohh, I get it now." Maybe I didn't explain it good enough, but I'm glad she no longer looks at me like I've lost my mind. My friend also wants to get a sewing machine.



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Caribquilter wrote
on 5 Jan 2010 7:32 AM

Hi Rachel,

yes I remember your post sometime ago. But if what you tell us today is not empowerment I don't know what is. All the same I've always felt that it is unimportant whether others "get it" or not, why should they? After all each of us has a different approach to things we see or experience that is so totally personal that it is a wonder that 2 people are able to agree on things sometimes. Each vision is "colored" by all kinds of factors: socio-cultural, background, education to name a few. Add to that the artists typical and extremely intricate ways of expressions and it is easy to understand that some get confused by what they see or perceive.

I never explain my art, rather I ask people what they see, and everyone sees something different and that's ok. I know what I put out there and that is what matters to me: my inspiration,  the translation of my feelings or experience. Tell you what though: ask kids and they'll tell you exactly what your piece represents, at least that is my experience.

Keep going Rachel, your art is a pure translation of who you are, it is logical that others don't know you on that deepest inner level, so it is understandable that sometimes they "don't get it."


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