Crazy Quilt Patterns, techniques, etc

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on 9 Jan 2010 3:00 AM

Hi All,

Just joined this wonderful community.  I am dying to make a crazy quilt.  I've seen many and the way one can embellish these quilts looks endless..................BUT!!!   I don't have any patterns, don't know where to start looking even.  I don't want to purchase a book on the subject until I've made one and am sure I like the technique.  Can anyone lead Me to a source where I can find this information.  If anyone has a patternto share, I'll pay any fees.   Anyones prompt answer is greatly appreciated......You know, itchy fingers and

Respectfully and Hopefully,

Anita Thomas,

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Caribquilter wrote
on 2 Feb 2010 9:09 AM


I'm a beginner too. I got lots of ideas and background info simply by visiting sites like: how to....? Or About..... I found free patterns on those 2 sites to make my machine cover. You'll also find free patterns and ideas by typing free patterns for ...whatever you're looking for, plenty of websites available. Also check at QA past magazines or tutorials, they might have something that would help you.

The best is to keep surfing the web, it is intensive and requires time but whatever I found interesting I put it on my favorite list so I could find it back easily. Basically, nearly everything is at your fingertip on the web and there is a lot out there for free.

Trust this will help you proceed with your newly found passion.


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caren12 wrote
on 2 Feb 2010 9:16 AM

Check your local library.  There are several great artists that do crazy quilt books, on both technique and embellishment.  Two of my favorites are:

J. Marsha Michler- she does great patterns for fabric placment as well as patterns for embellishment, really good for the beginner

Judith Baker Montano- amazing eye candy!  She has books on embellishments, stitiches, etc.  I think she has some patterns, but she takes embellishment to the extreme she is much more "artistic"  I use her books all the time as inspiration on what is possible with a little thread and some beads.


There are other books and writier/artist these are just the 2 I prefer.  Online I know there are pattern and forums devoted to just crazy quilting. 

I approch it like stir fry- it all works, the pattern is just a starting point and a requirement!


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maryboudreau wrote
on 12 Feb 2010 8:36 AM

Hi Caren,

    Take a look at Quilt University.  They have a class coming up on Crazy Quilting.



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tiffwarble wrote
on 22 Aug 2013 12:32 PM

I always thought crazy quilting was so intriguing so I worked with the editorial team to get a cool page up on the subject. You'll find some great tips on getting started and also since it's on the Interweave Store there are some product ideas too. Get all the info on the how to make a crazy quilt guide. Enjoy and let us know how your adventures go.

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