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meta1 wrote
on 16 Apr 2010 4:19 AM


I heard of tyvak, bought some but don't know how to use it. Could anyone help me out?


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on 16 Apr 2010 7:52 AM

You can paint it, stain it by buffing paint into it and then wiping it off, you can stitch into it and melt it (carefully!!)

It's a neat product... just start experimenting! :D

- Judi

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on 17 Apr 2010 5:47 AM

Treat it just as you would any fabric - it  has the additional benefits of melting/distorting.  If you iron it (between baking parchment) you will get a totally different result to if you heat it with a heat gun.  You can stitch on it before melting, or after - though sometimes it can become really hard, so you risk breaking needles.  Don't forget the ventilation when melting, especially if you've added paints too.

It makes great hinges, book covers, beads.... for the latter try wrapping a painted (both sides) strip of tyvek around a knitting needle, then wrap some wire over and then melt with a heat gun - you can use threads and seed beads too - but make sure the thread is 'natural' -  as heating can melt through the thread and all the beads fall off - go on, ask me how I know!!!  and be careful things can get hot, so don't melt and grab the bead off the knitting needle, use tweezers, cooking tongs whatever.  Have fun

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meta1 wrote
on 18 Apr 2010 1:16 AM

Thanks a lot both for your help. I'll give it a try.



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