Insurance for quilts

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Cathy Waltz wrote
on 27 Nov 2010 12:18 PM

Hello everyone,

My question has to do with insuring quilts when they are exhibited.  Lots of shows want us to have our quilts insured.  I had a quilt in a college/university art school show and sent it without insurance. 

Shipping companies cover the quilts while being transported to and from.  What are some ways to get insurance for this exhibiting situation?  I have talked with my insurance agent and we know that this is not liability insurance (e.g., someone will get hurt by the quilt - well, okay someone could swallow some embellishments but, hopefully, not while on display.. :-)   Do any of you have a solution or insurer which is familiar with "covering" art losses?  Thanks in advance.

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on 27 Nov 2010 1:39 PM

Here in the UK there are several companies which offer insurance to the "artist" - whatever form that art may be.  It is not something the general home/car insurer will be familiar with, and likely not available via them.... certainly that's not the case in the UK.

It is Public and Products Liability Insurance, because yes, your quilt could damage someone, display falls over etc.  and actually the part of the insurance which events I've participated in look for, IS the Public Liability.  I recently had work in a shop window - no-one is going to climb into the window to touch the work, even if it fell over or off its display it would still be within the window, so no damage to people  - but public liability insurance was compulsory.  The Product bit is for loss/damage to the actual item.

Here,  information about ths kind of thing is found in the ads in art magazines, not so much the stitchy ones, but sometimes.  ie ones which cover all sorts of creativity, they are the ones to look at.  Myself I'm insured via a magazine which offers it as part of their subscription package.  So I'd say do some Googling, but don't search for quilt insurance - search for artist insurance, or art & craft insurance, the wider arena. 

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Cathy Waltz wrote
on 29 Nov 2010 6:45 AM

Thanks for this information.  I will start looking into this from the art perspective.  Is there anyone out there in the US who has another suggestion?  I will post what I find in this forum, too.

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Nancy338 wrote
on 29 Nov 2010 3:27 PM

I use HUB International out of Phoenix, Arizona.

They cover my sewing machine, all my supplies and stash, the quilts in my house, and quilts that travel and while on exhibit.  You choose how much insurance you want by figuring out the value of everything and they'll give you a quote.  It's a scary thing to figure the value of the stash.   Chris Johnston was the name of the Account manager a few years ago.  I'm not sure if she is still there.  The company has changed names since I've done any more than pay the bills. 

Here is a phone number 1-800-688-7472.  It's called a quilt floater premium.  I know a number of quilters who use this company.

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Cathy Waltz wrote
on 29 Nov 2010 7:10 PM

Wow, thanks Nancy - and everyone.  I'm getting an education.  Two different websites have suggested, I will try contacting them tomorrow.


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