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Quiltbetter wrote
on 7 Mar 2011 12:30 AM

  1. According to legend, in ancient China, the leader of China’s Northern Tribe, Huangdi (Yellow Emperor), beat the leader of China’s Southern Tribe, Chi You (God of War). The Goddess of Silk donated the silk thread she herself spun to Huangdi as a sign of her respect for his victory. Huangdi then ordered to have the silk first woven into a cloth and finally sown into a garment. This garment was extraordinarily comfortable, so comfortable, in fact, that Leizu, Huangdi’s wife, went in search of the silkworms in hopes of collecting more of the fine silk. She found the silkworms and fed them mulberry leaves for the refined silk production. After that time, thousands of years ago, mulberry leaf picking, silkworm breeding, silk thread production and silk weaving were recognized as a tradition in ancient China. Leizu came to be worshipped as the Goddess of Silkworm Breeding, and Huangdi as the God of Silk Weaving.
    This is simply a legend created long ago, but as for the factual historical data regarding when silk was invented, that remains a mystery in modern times

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