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ckquilter wrote
on 16 May 2011 1:34 AM

hi again


the fan retreat was in olympia (actually lacey). and they said this was their second. i am not actually a member - just was invited as featured artist by a member of the group who had seen some of my work. they asked if they could post some pictures on their site - so maybe they are just in the process of getting one established. i think the group is relatively new - just a few years maybe??

are you in seattle area? i am across the sound from seattle - in kingston.

i don't always make it to the seattle quilt show (i guess now the tacoma show) because weekends don't usually work for me.

are you a meow member by any chance?

i had not realized the older posts get cleared off. maybe there is only a limited amount of space?         ckquilter

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hpthecat wrote
on 16 May 2011 3:22 AM

I had to check Google to find Kingston...LOL. You are way up there!

I transplanted to Puyallup from the San Joaquin Valley of California about 5 years ago. I love the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula's.

I also love living right up the hill from the annual Sew Expo! And boy did that show get a lot of my money this year.

I work full time in a non creative field and weekends can be difficult for me also. If you teach somewhere and offer some sort of ...'beginner' type class I would consider attending.

The show in Tacoma in August is meant to focus on Art Quilts specifically, so I am really looking forward to it.

I do not belong to any guilds or organizations.....I do live close to a Quality Sew n Vac which I'm sure you are familiar with, since your from up here. I attend little things they host sometimes and take advantage of educational opportunities through them. I even got my Embellisher autographed by Nancy Zieman through one of their events! LOL....I like warm 'every body is your friend' type events.

Anything creative is strictly for pleasure, relaxation and fun for me. No pressure, No Type A competitiveness--

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ckquilter wrote
on 16 May 2011 9:47 PM


actually we are about 90 minutes from puyallap. go across the narrows bridge, and then north. easier and prettier then going through seattle. and a lot less expensive than the ferry.either way takes about the same amount of time.

i grew up in dana point and san juan capistrano, california. then moved to the bay area, and worked at the university in berkeley. then moved to oregon, and worked at oregon state. then when my dad passed away, moved up here to be with my mom.

there are 2 groups i think you should check out.

the first is meow - machine embroiderers of oregon and washington. they are into free motion sewing methods. you don't need an embroidery machine. i have been a member for 10 years, and i don't have one. just a willingness to share, and desire to learn. they have a good website. just enter the name  and you should find it. they have groups all over - and i am pretty sure they have one in puyallup. non members are allowed to come to 2 meetings for free - before being asked to join.  (dues are about 35 per year - so for about 3 dollars a class - it is one of the best deals around.)

if the meeting time for the puyallup meow group does not work, a member can attend any group. so seattle or tacoma might have a better day/time for you. my group, the silver city kitties, meets in pt gamble on the first tuesday, from 10 til 2 at quilted strait quilt shop. pt gamble is about 3 or 4 miles from here. in june, we are gonna do the second day of a thread wrapped tree. this month, the group started the thread wrapping. next month they will attach the tree to he background, and add bobbin worked foliage using boucle yarn.

i think our july meeting is making cards. sewn of course.

the second is fan. i did not find a site for them yesterday when  i looked. they are a much newer group. and they may just be getting one set up.

a couple years ago, meow got REAL political. and several groups dropped out. most of the fan members are from those former meow groups.  but their sewing emphasis is the same - just without the politics.  i can put you in touch with a fan member - if you are interested. they just finished their retreat, with classes. they plan another next year. they kept their prices very low. classes were basically just enough to cover materials. retreat was in lacey, and i think they plan on being there again next year. so you could even just commute. several of the classes for this year were fabric texturing, silk ribbon embroidery by machine, a wrapped wire bracelet, a gathering of leaves.

they were a real friendly group. i am not particularly loyal to meow. i strongly dislike the politics they got into. and several of my friends dropped out because of it.  BUT i love the members of my meow group. and i will be a member of their group until they kick me out or i can no longer move. so if they stay meow, so will i. they have been th BEST group for learning and sharing i have ever found.


i don't really teach anymore , except for friends and my meow group. i lost my hearing some years back. my friends understand the limitations, and are willing to write questions, or repeat so i can read lips. i don't have any classes at meow scheduled right now. in the past i have taught a number of classes for them (and for the lynden group - which disbanded recently). i have done window quilts (machine trapunto, soft edge applique, quilting with metallic threads, machine needle lace made through holes cut into the quilt.); sheer leaves, witches hat, sun printing, beaded spiders and needle lace web, thread painted landscape photographs, curved piecing (designing original patterns), needle lace leaves,using angelina.

what kind of sewing do you usually do? you mention you bought an embellisher. so you are into needle felting also?

i hand needle felt. mostly horses. dimensional. most of them end up being about 10 to 12 inches tall or so. one has fusible crystals (patriot - red, white, and blue). one has wings (aire). one has real dried moss for the mane and tail, decorated with silk flowers (earth).

how do you use your embellisher? do you use it on quilts? do you make totally felted pieces? flat wall hangings? or dimensional for bags? or to add decoration to clothing? have you done any wet felting? numo felting?

i don't usually go to sew expo anymore either. i use a wheelchair to get around, and it is just too crowded. so i let all my meow friends bring back their finds. and they bring in their found treasure to show us.

if you are into felting - you might also want to check out - oregon flock and fiber festival , and black sheep gathering. just type the names in. they both have good websites. one of them will be coming up in june. the other is in september. one in canby (near portland - about 3 1/2 hours for me- probably about an hour less for you) the other is in eugene. another 2 hours or so.   both offer many classes. and usually some felting. and both have displays. and lots!!!! of vendors.    i have bought most of my wool there. and angelina and firestar and mohair curls and silk fiber and all sorts of good stuff for fiber artists.

we have a small sit and sew group, at kingston quilt shop, wednesday afternoons. i usually get there about noon, and stay until closing. if you are not working, you are welcome to come visit. you can even bring a friend. i usually bring handwork. most of the others usually bring their machines. i am actually bringing my machine this week - i am still working on my thread wrapped tree (white).  bring something to work on. or bring your embellisher. or handwork. or if there is something i can show you how to do? something you have been wanting to learn?

so maybe see you some wednesday? or at meow?                             ckquilter

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hpthecat wrote
on 17 May 2011 12:29 AM


Well thank you so much for sharing so generously about yourself!  Really-- I have enjoyed getting to know you through this post.

I absolutely will research your recommendations and thank you for them.

Now I have to admit an embarrassing fact-- I have not yet used my Embellisher. So far, I made one stuffed animal for my niece and did a small amount of hand needle felting on that. I bought the Embellisher, (and each of the other machines in my signature line) all between Sep 2010 and Mar 2011.

This has all been a part of my mission to equip my new craft/sewing room. (Had a grown daughter fly the nest).

I have sewn Halloween costumes, Home Dec, traditional quilts and minor alterations and clothing repair.

Currently I work swing shift and Wednesday is a work day for me-- however-- my schedule will be changing for the summer and Wednesday will be one of my days off. When I am able to make it up, I will make sure I have my Embellisher and little Audry with me. Then I'll be prepared for whatever comes my way! LOL.....I am still getting to know the Janome Horizon, but it is supposed to be superb for the free motion.

Essentially-- I am at my starting place. Equipped, well stocked with supplies...and a beginning.

Once again-- thank you, your reply was so gracious. I am off to find those links now...

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ckquilter wrote
on 17 May 2011 3:10 AM

hi again


ok, so you have gotten started a lot like i did. but i kinda dropped out of the clothing/home dec stuff. unless i could make it more creative (still doing runners and pillows - but more art quilt oriented).

so now i know what you have done in the past. what are you wanting to do in the future???

i know you must have a subscription to the magazine. and they have some wonderful ideas.  it is the best quilt magazine ever. course that is only my opinion. but soooooooo much more interesting than just having a few traditional quilt patterns printed. so where does your  sewing passion lie now???

at the retreat, the group asked me if i had a favorite quilt. and i told them - whatever i am working on now. so it changes. they also wanted to know if i just work on one at a time.  no way!  i always have one being embellished, or ready to be bound. one being quilted. one being pieced. one in the design/pattern process.

it sounds like you have all the tools ready - now you just need to get going on things!  (sometimes it sure would be nice if earning a living and working would just not get in the way!)

so what kinds of things are you hoping to do in the future? have you earmarked any of the articles from the magazine, as things you want to try? are there any specific techniques you want to learn?  do you have any patterns drawn?   and where is your art gonna lead you? what do you want to say with it? what stories do you want to tell with your art? what things are important to you to leave to your children and (future?) grandchildren?

what colors do you like to work with? and do you limit yourself to a certain palette? or is anything fair game? do you like to piece, or applique or ?

do you prefer to work with a certain method? or is the concept/ idea the important thing, and sewing  methods just a means of representing the idea?

do you like to work on big projects, or do you prefer to work small. what methods from the magazine have you tried?

i think you said you don't belong to a guild or other group. i know there is (or at least was) a guild in puyallup. i did a trunk show and class for them some years ago. but if you work nights, you are probably at work when the guild meets.  but that you do take some local classes occasionally. what classes have you taken? and were the teachers good? did you like what you learned? and have you used the knowledge since the class ended?

i have a meow friend down in california right now. she took several classes at the create down there over the weekend. i am anxious to see what she brings to our next meeting from the class. i gave her some sheer fabrics, and bleeding tissue paper to use in the collage class she was gonna take.and she was signed up for the encaustics also. so it will be fun to see what she brings back.

and do you have time, after working full time, to be a part of any sewing/art group? i know some just don't have time to be part of a group. and i have been in that situation in the past. but it has been real helpful for me the last ten years to be part of meow. and the kitsap guild. and several sit and sew groups (where i get my hand work done)

it will be great fun to see what your future projects are.                                  ckquilter

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hpthecat wrote
on 17 May 2011 12:46 PM


You are right on the time factor for groups and the working hours making it difficult-- but it really is a shift i prefer professionally. So now I am going to open up to you a little bit....

I am a Correctional Officer. One of my underlying motivations, and a 'side passion' to a lifetime of enjoying doing various creative things is--- to explain my profession to the general public through some artworks, whatever the media.

Here is my most recent-- I'm sure it will be a familiar subject to you as you are from Washington State.

This piece is approx 9" by 6" .  It is stitched onto some thin postcard paper I bought at the Embellishment Village booth at Expo. I had never sewn fabric to paper before, and bought the postcard stock for this project. It was absolutely my intention for this to have a Folk Art feel. I ask you please not to critique-- for this reason-- I am on a deadline, this piece is my donation to a charity "Call For Mail Art" in California. I do not have the time or inclination for a redo...LOL...sometimes it's like that...I used scaps from purchase scrap bags, the little pieces were temporarily adhered with a dab of glue stick-- then I stitched with invisible thread. All stitching including the decorative border was done on the little Audry, as I am currently making my stitch samples on the Horizon. I can say this, it's nice to have two machines! Who knew?? LOL...

Anyway, the charity auctions the mail art to raise money to provide books for inmates. As a correctional worker, I know we never have enough books available to keep inmates busy-- and busy inmates make for a safer jail. Safer jails are better for everyone who has to be in them-- especially officers who want to go home at the end of 8 hours. Ms. Biendl spent the last five years of her life and career facilitating a program that was meant to be uplifting. My intention is to show the public that we (correctional officers) are not the bunch of club dragging goons that some members of the public would make us out to be. We are professionals with a difficult and sometimes dangerous task.

So this is my 'side passion' in addition to wanting to make some embellished yet washable/use able memory quilts with the tons of photos I have. I have this notion that if I learn the skills....the inspiration and ideas will come because I will "know what I can do."

By the way-- I looked up MEOW. They have a group that meets at Shibori Dragon. I think I can see what you mean regarding that they have a "Board" and conduct formal meetings using Roberts Rules of Order....LOL....I also notice their is a bit of charity sewing involved which could put a little pressure on someone not prepared for the commitment. But I will keep my eyes open....



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ckquilter wrote
on 17 May 2011 6:21 PM

hi again

i think the little quilt is just fine.

as for your being a correctional officer - well, i have had several uncles on border patrol- in texas and california. and currently have a couple cousins there.

my brothers are all firemen and paramedics - california and kitsap county. kevin is also currently flying helicopter forthe army in afghanistan.  my brother pauls oldest son is a police officer in oceanside.   is that enough common ground??  believe me, when first responders or law enforcement personnel get hurt or killed - we say a few extra prayers and shed a few extra tears at our house.  because while they might not have the same family name, they are our brothers and sisters. and it could just as easily have been one of my family.

one of the service projects for the kitsap quilt guild is the women's correctional facility at purdy. every meeting several members gather fabric, thread, batting, books, magazines and any supplies the guild members donate and take them to the prison. they also go and teach quilting to the women inmates - who make quilts that are donated to other needy groups - homeless, and hospice. it is a win-win situation all the way around.

for the last few years, several of the inmates also are brought to the fairgrounds when we set up our annual quilt show.they help set up the tables and chairs for the vendor booths and help with some of the other carrying and setting up.

does your auction only accept a certain size quilt?  i started making my window quilt series many years ago, to teach free motion sewing methods. i finished over 3 dozen of them. i often use them as donations for groups i want to support (habitat for humanity, several church groups, the mongolian women's project sponsored by one of our guild members.) and would be willing to donate to your cause. they are all about 24 inches square - give or take a few. these are examples of window quilts. trapunto in the center. the light, sparkly spots are holes that were cut in the quilt, and then i worked needle lace in the holes. the edges are satin stitched to clean finish them.



and it would be a nice way for me to honor the sacrifice made by jayme, and honor the commitment of all law enforcement personnel.

i like the blue you used in the quilt (thin blue line) and the gold (stars) and the evergreens reminding us of the beauty of our state. and i love the saying at the bottom.


you are absolutely right about learning how to do as many methods as possible. because you will then be able to focus onthe idea, and as you say,you will know enough to be able to portray your idea.

about your idea of using your pictures and making washable quilts. i have been making generations quilts for my nieces and nephews. for the boys, i print their pictures onto cotton fabric on the computer printer. then use old jeans to crazy patch around the picture. i use braid and trim to cover the raw edges. but it would be more durable to washing, and more comfortable to sleep under if you used traditional crazy piecing. almost everyone has old jeans around - and the great part is they don't have to be in good repair. you just cut away any parts that won't work. i print an 8 by 10 picture, then fill out the block to 16 by 18. use big pieces and big blocks and they would go together fast. you could probably get donations of jeans pretty easily rom friends and family and coworkers. or ask a couple of businesses if they would let you set up a bin for the public to donate - maybe as a tribute, in honor of jayme.

this is my niece hannah, surrounded by denim pieces - i even use the pockets and seams - but this is a wall hanging, and they would be pretty lumpy on a bed quilt.

meow had almost 2 hundred members. so they need to have some organization. but you don't have to attend board meetings. and there is no politics in our group. and you are not required to do service projects. most groups will set aside one meeting a year to work on them. i usually skip that day - it is hard for me to manuever, and i can do them at  home.      so although there are some drawbacks - there are some great advantages. i still would recommend you check their schedule, and when they are doing something interesting, contact them and go visit. then you can decide if it works for you. and remember, you can visit any of the other groups as well.

one of the members of our group is a coordinator for the quilts of valor project. some of our members are making blocks for her to use. you would think i would help too - but i need to make a quilt for my brother first - after all, he is serving right now -so it is very personal for me . and i plan on printing some of the pictures he has sent me, and putting them together in a wall hanging. i even found a great helicopter fabric last summer for the backing.

i am also making a fire station quilt for my other brother. i am printing some of his pictures, and using them in the center of ribbon star blocks. there are undoubtedly other quilt blocks you could insert pictures into as well (logcabin, twisted log cabin?)  if you want to get together and play with some idea for picture blocks, that could be fun. i have a very talented friend who collaged a bunch of pictures together, to make a bigger picture of her mother. it came out fantastic. and the big picture, 40 to 50 inches, was entirely made from smaller pictures she printed.  so some more ideas.

stay will be in my prayers.    ck



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hpthecat wrote
on 18 May 2011 12:18 AM


Oh more beautiful quilts! Very nice!

Alright-- I'll look into attending a MEOW get together at Shibori Dragon since it is closest to me.

The charity I am sending the Biendl piece to is a non-profit called the Prison Library Project.

The event itself is called Postmarked 2011.

What they are actually seeking is "Mail Art".....things sent through the mail with a post office postmark on them. Here is a blog displaying the work they have received to date. This should give you a better idea. So much of what we see in Quilting Daily and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines lends itself so well to Mail Art!

Here have a look--

Mail Art is growing in popularity....I only just learned about it last year.

Thank you for sharing about the quilt group work at Purdy too...I hate to say this-- (because it's a shame), but sometimes prison can be one of the sanest, safest and most productive times for some of these women. Given the resources-- they can accomplish a lot for others and take great pride in it. I would contribute to that!

Thank you for the prayers, and I will keep your brothers in mine! My days off change at the end of June, until then-- Happy Quilting!!! :)

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msbananas wrote
on 21 May 2011 5:28 PM

nice work ladies.....hpthcat.....I work in a correctional institution also.....and appreciate your work.....very cool piece , in rememberence of officer Biendl.....I am new to this site and commenting, but not new to quilting ....just starting to get creative and try new things.

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hpthecat wrote
on 22 May 2011 2:46 AM

Very nice to meet you MsBananas!  I salute you correctional worker to correctional worker. Quilting and sewing are very popular off duty stress relievers for so many women in our field.

I look forward to seeing your work here too!

Bernina 820, Babylock Evolution, Babylock Embellisher, Babylock Audrey.

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Diane Matson wrote
on 16 Apr 2015 4:31 PM

How do I contact someone about the "Quilting Arts" host, Susan Brubaker  Knapp? 

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VivikaEditor wrote
on 23 Apr 2015 9:09 AM

Diane, thanks for your inquiry. I will contact you privately about your comment here.

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on 25 May 2015 8:44 PM

Love this art quilt, this has given me something to work toward.

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on 25 May 2015 8:44 PM

Love this art quilt, this has given me something to work toward.

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