Naming Your Business

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on 24 Mar 2011 7:20 AM

How did you come up with a name for your crafting or quilting business? What was your inspiration?

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on 3 Apr 2011 10:32 AM

I was thinking about a name for days, but I knew immediately that the one that came to me in the middle of the night was the one for me . . . Howl at the Moon Creations.  For me, becoming too focused can be a hindrance; while if I back off and let brew in my subconscious, I can come up with the perfect solution.  -- Naomi

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on 3 Apr 2011 3:37 PM

I suppose it might be different depending on what type of business, ie a shop.  But the advice I've been given from the experts on the other side, ie galleries, when you are talking about your own art work, then it should have your own name not a more obscure title.  The reason being it is YOUR thoughts, YOUR hands that make, it is about YOU and therefore you should state this.  May be not so pretty, but if carrying out a business like a shop alongside your art work, perhaps it should be simple, like AB Designs - Stitch with AB, so the two obviously tie together.

But aside from names, there are other things to consider, and other ways to tie your various interests together.   Like a standard colour for all your paperwork, business cards etc.  Look around you, I bet you could say this business uses red, that one uses green.   You will find the colour in a logo, on a website, on the letter head, the business cards.  Likewise I know I can recognise a local museum advertising Whats On, without being close enough to read, because they have a specific layout for theinformation.  Then there is which font to use on your paperwork, even writing a simple letter, a price list, labels beside your work when its on show.  There are a few which are widely recognised as being the easiest to read for all ages, varying sight and  reading difficulties.  So I use one of those for the important info, and a prettier one for other things, but not too fancy.  I like all sorts of fonts and layouts making borders around things etc etc - and I used to do all that, until I discovered that its about imparting information, making it clearly understood, and if I set myself a standard style and layout, then I didn't have to re-do things all the time because I'd decided on a different font this event.  Took me a while to catch on that I was making more work/expense for myself!  So the name, colours, fonts, layouts etc etc are all part of branding yourself/your business.

Believe me, sewing is the easy bit... all this other stuff is a whole other learning process.

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