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nordie wrote
on 6 Jun 2011 4:27 AM

How are people making use of the Internet to promote their business? How much time do you spend on the internet as a business and where do you go?  Facebook, Blogs (your own and/or others), Twitter etc.


In particular I have a blog that I am using currently as a personal craft blog (, and am wondering whether to try and take it to “the next step” – and if so, how. What should I be posting about? How often should I be posting? To include photos or not? Of what? 

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on 8 Jun 2011 7:24 AM

This is a great topic. Thank you for bringing it up nordie. I know many people use their blogs and Facebook accounts to promote their work, but thinking about the amount of time that we dedicate to it can sometimes not be as big of a consideration. I hope more people will share their personal stories of using blogs and social media, especially what successes they've had and what they would do differently if they could.

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smf4 wrote
on 5 Aug 2011 9:23 AM

Hi, In reply to the query about blogs.  I use mine extensively to promote the online courses that I sell.

I add day to day information on textile related items along with some chit chat about what I am up to, like the recent visit to London & a charity event that I organised.

I dont have a website as currently I dont sell anything except via PDF files & I use Bigcartel & Etsy for this

I find the blog a very useful modern tool

I hope that this helps


Shelagh Folgate


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on 10 Aug 2011 2:38 PM

I ry to get a good mixture on my blog. I have new work posted, in progress projects, tutorials ,interviews with some of my favorite quilters and fiber artists and some just fun stuff; gardening, tea parties and even a little home decorating and a little humor.  It's hard not to have just, "I made this & this one & oh this one " ect.. I find that is a tough balancing act, you want to promote your work yet provide quality content.

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nordie wrote
on 5 Sep 2011 3:59 AM

Have to admit I'm struggling at the minute in updating my site.  I posted "properly" (about The festival of Quilts") about 2  weeks ago, and although I have photos that I should really be putting up, I just havent got around to it.

I've subscribed to Google Alerts, looking for topics that I could write about, but havent found anything that's caught my eye.

I continue to stitch - I'm a cross stitcher more than anything - but dont want to resort to the "here's what I stitched last week, can you tell the difference?" posts

I subscribe to the theory that people can tell when your heart's not in it, and therefore wont enjoy it.  How do people keep themselves going with their sites?

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on 22 Sep 2011 9:02 AM

It seems that all I'm doing these days is learning the rudiments of for my blog....

Blogspot is SUCH an easier program to set up a blog, but all of my marketing mentors say that you need to promote your own site.

Mine is which I had professionally done last year. Since we're in a visual arts business, I feel that quality photos are a must, and you'll also need them to enter exhibitions later on, if you decide to got that route. So, while I used to get my slides published all the time back in the 89s and 90s with slide film, I had to learn the rudiments of two digital editing photo programs last year to shoot the workfor my web site.

As to how often you should be writing on your blog, I've been writing every day as the blog has only been up a week, so that I could hurry and get some done, I imagine that I'll slow down to twice a week. One good hint that I read for finding out ideas on what to write was to read forums and see what's being discussed. Then you can write in your own blog about what the buzz is about and your own feelings on the subject.


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