need help with printing on silk

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ckquilter wrote
on 23 Jun 2011 2:34 AM

hi all


i need help with a printer problem. i have an epson printer.

it prints fine on paper. fine on photo paper. fine on cotton fabric. and SOMETIMES fine on silk.

but this last time i was printing - it only printed 3/4 of the page. without changing any settings - i printed the whole picture on paper. ok.

then tried the silk again - same problem - it cut the page, lengthwise. and did not print about a 3 inch wide strip, the whole length of the page.

i changed a couple settings. it printed fine onpaper. and then, again, same problem when i tried the silk again.

it is getting frustrating - not to mention expensive!   using up silk and not getting it to print the whole page.


has anyone had the same problem?  and how did you fix it?     i asked at staples service counter today - and stumped the printer repair person.

the same printer has printed on silk in the past.  although it has been about 2 months since i last printed on silk. and i was doing the same type printing, the same size, and even using silk sheets from the same package.

if anyone has dealt with the same problem - i would greatly appreciate learning how you fixed the problem.


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on 23 Jun 2011 6:24 AM

I had the same problem, and the only fix I could find was to buy a Canon printer!  I loved my little old Epson 640, it was possibly the best printer I've ever had, but they took it out of the market and I bought a larger format Epson.  It decided that it would do one print perfectly and v e r y slowly and only one in a 6 hour period.  It I tried to get more than one, it would do much of what you are describing.  When I called Epson with questions, they were stumped.  They told me to reload the software into my computer.  When that didn't work, they told me that the hardware was compromised and probably beyond repair, even though it still printed on plain paper.  It's sitting out in my little studio/storage shed.  There's only so much frustration one person can take.  

I now have a Canon iP4200 and a wide format Canon Pro 9000.  They don't have pigment ink, but I'm willing to live with that if they continue to work as well as they have.

I think perhaps we in the art quilting world have possibly outpaced the printer makers.




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