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Wefish wrote
on 5 Aug 2011 1:58 PM



I am going to do the background for a wall hanging with the confetti technique. I want to piece a house block to look like my friend cabin. I'm wondering how I should combine the 2 pieces to look the bets. Just stitch together like 2 patches in a block or applique the house to the back ground. . .decisions.

Thank you for the input!

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ckquilter wrote
on 6 Aug 2011 11:20 PM

hi wefish

is the entire background going to be done with the confetti method??

if so, piecing the house onto it may give an unnatural look. with the background confetti method being detailed and soft; and then a hard rigid house block.    

 it might blend together better - to applique your house on top of the background - and then blend the house into its surroundings by adding more of the confetti method to create a tree or bushes in front of the house. which is how most homes are landscaped. just make sure your house fabric is backed enough, or dark enough,  that the background does not shadow through - which looks very unnatural.

if you have pictures of your friends actual cabin - use that as an inspiration for foliage in front of the cabin, to set it into its suroundings - rather than just floating a house on the background - without them relating to each other.  and if the quilt top is similar in landscape to her cabin, it will be even more meaningful to her.                                                   ckquilter

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Wefish wrote
on 9 Aug 2011 10:12 AM


Thank you for the reply. The backgrond to the cabin will be confetti and I do have a picture of the place to use. The quilt is going to be sort of a sampler type. The center will be the cabin block with background, then a border, then different blocks that have meaning. For instance one block is a free form ribbon of blues that represent the river the place sits on. Others will be maple leaf blocks because it's in Canada. To balance those, there will be friendship blocks because not long ago a small group of us went and stayed there for a few days. Animals abound so there will be bear's paw blocks and some appiqued moose tracks. The titile came to me first- Tracks Around My Heart because he says that is his whole world and he loves that place more than anything. The design ideas just came flodding in then.


I'll post a picture of the cabin and quilt when finished!

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RUEdOAK wrote
on 18 Sep 2011 12:15 AM

Even post a picture in progress. It would be great to see how you are approaching this.


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