Pear Quilt

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leskatt wrote
on 16 Nov 2011 12:25 PM

I enjoyed watching the quilt with the Pear design created by Ana Buzzalino.

Do you need a special machine to do the stiffling ?

I need someone who could help me with similar quilt design for my daughter's bedroom.

It is a picture of a little girl in a flower garden. If someone can start it for me, then I could

continue painting or hand embroidering it as needed.


If anybody can help me, please respond to:  Leeladill.



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ckquilter wrote
on 16 Nov 2011 8:33 PM

hi leela

i am not familiar with the pear quilt. but someone else may be able to help you.

and what is stiffling?    if a typo - are you talking about stuffing ? (like trapunto)  or stipple quilting?  or is this a new method i don't know about yet ?

i am starting a baby quilt for my niece - a toddler standing in a field of flowers, holding baby birds on her tummy while talking to the mom and dad birds.    she has a picture that she loves and wants to capture the essence of. but she is gonna let me do some dimensional embellishing and make some changes to the picture. the clothes will be embellished with lace and whatever fun trims and buttons we find.  sunflowers will be ruched , with either textured fabric or beads for the seeds in the center.     there will also be hollyhocks and pansies, and some other generic flower shapes.

the toddlers face will be painted with the tsukineko ink. i have not decided if the hair will be fabric and thread or inked.

i need some more info, before i could offer any help. do you have a picture of what you want to make? or a line drawing? and what size?


let us knowsome more details and specifics, and we will see what we can do to help.                  ckquilter

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