How do you attract more followers to your blog?

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jolouise wrote
on 11 Jan 2012 10:28 AM

Hi, I've had a blog for a while now but I haven't managed to attract very many folowers. I have been pretty good about posting fairly regularly and including lots of pics but still have only 11 people following me.  After watching other people's blogs I've decided this month to do a giveaway of one of my journals in the hopes to increase the numbers.

 Does anyone else have ideas that might help? Things that you have done or seen on blogs you follow? I would really appreciate any tips you all might have. :)

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jolouise wrote
on 12 Jan 2012 1:25 PM

Thank you for that link, it was a great read and I liked the outlooks she expressed. I bookmarked the biz-ladies site for future posts, it looks like a wonderful site. 

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nor easter wrote
on 13 Jan 2012 9:25 AM

Jane Dávila's Minding Your Business column in the Dec/Jan 2012 issue of QA talks about just this subject.  Lots of great ideas there.

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jane davila wrote
on 18 Jan 2012 6:41 PM

Hi! Yes, please check out my article in the Dec/Jan issue. Also, effective way to increase blog traffic is to leave comments on other blogs (the owners and some readers will follow you back to your blog, so make sure you include that info when you comment) and by talking up your blog on any internet lists you belong to. You have to build community and forge connections. Do you have a subscription button on your blog? Do you track your traffic using Google Analytics? You may have more subscribers (through other RSS readers) and traffic than you realize and it's important to quantify it so you can measure your results as you gain a larger audience.

I LOVE the Biz Ladies columns on Design Sponge. It's a great resource!


Jane Davila

editor, Quilting Arts In Stitches emagazine

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