What do you think about ACTA, SOPA, PIPA etc?

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darren.m wrote
on 5 Mar 2012 1:43 PM
I've heard a lot of discussions about these new anti-online-piracy organizations as ACTA, SOPA, and PIPA. I'm just wondering, why does everyone think its so bad? I mean; its just to prevent people from doing something illegal and from being thieves. I also see a lot of exaggeration when it comes to the punishment. Rumors, saying that you can get 50 years of prison for sharing files, that is not true! Also, as far a i know, its only the person sharing the files who will get punished, not the streamer/downloader, even though that's illegal too and you could get punished for that as well. Why does everyone think that its OK to steal on the internet, when they would never even think about stealing from a store? In theory is the same action being done. Do you think its OK to steal from the internet? Dont you feel sorry for the people who are loosing a lot of money from your stealing? (No, not just a little bit, A LOT!)
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Muppin wrote
on 5 Mar 2012 5:01 PM

I think it's just so easy to steal imagery, music, etc that until there's a way to track your actual damages and easy ways to report it and make a claim it will remain rampant.  Not to mention the problems it causes across international lines.  How do you prosecute an offender in a different country?

I think this legislation was the wrong way about it, but it's a definite problem. 


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