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fishqueen wrote
on 16 Dec 2012 6:33 PM

I am just getting set up to start a quilt.  It will be a wall hanging, 2.5 ft by 5 ft. wide.  I have the cotton batting,  I am going to add silk I shibori to about two thirds of the bottom and lots of dyed fabrics to make a wetland scene. I'm not at all skilled at sewing and I just heard about interfacing, so could anyone suggest the weight or kind I would need to get, to be able to do hand sewing and machine sewing?  I have a Jo Ann's store close to me. Since my piece is pretty big,  I might need to use several pieces to back it, do I need to sew it to the batting?  Would it be better to make the break running lengthwise or width wise?  I've seen some suggestions to sew even if it says to iron.  Also suggestions for sewing over silk or links for a novice.




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Muppin wrote
on 20 Dec 2012 11:10 AM


The best part about art quilting is that there are no rules.  You can piece the back however you like and if you want to attach it to the batting, you can, or quilt it like a normal quilt if that's what you want to do!

The possibilities are endless!

As for interfacing, if the silk doesn't have as much body as the cottons you will use, you can interface them, or you can use a stiff fusible that will give additional body to the silk.  I would make a small test piece to work with the silks first to see if you like how they behave.


Cheryl / Muppin

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