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Devonna Lynn wrote
on 16 Mar 2013 5:35 PM

How many quilts or fabric art items should be made before advertising them for sale?

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Butter-Ball wrote
on 25 Mar 2013 4:32 AM

To me it depends entirely how one is going to market them, Devonna. If using an online shop like Etsy, one would need at least six to a dozen articles to begin with so that the shop has some presence and seems "full". I find that people want to have some choice - colour, design, size, etc. For a market, depending on the market, one usually needs more so that any gaps can be filled straight away. 

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jane davila wrote
on 27 Mar 2013 1:47 PM

I agree, although it depends on where you are selling. If you are advertising one thing on a blog you could just have the one thing and add a Buy It button to that post, but if you have an Etsy store you'll want an assortment. If you're creating a stand-alone website, complete with shopping cart you may want more. It will also depend on what it is that you're selling. If the item has a lot of variations - size, color, etc - you might have less initial items. Can you give us more information about what you're selling and where you're planning to sell it?



Jane Davila

editor, Quilting Arts In Stitches emagazine

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