condition of magazine when received

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on 24 Mar 2013 11:16 PM

I am so spoiled. I also subscribe to Studios and CPS. Studios arrives in a package that will NOT get bent when the USPS tosses it around. How I wish Quilting Arts came in better condition. This last one had 8 creases on the exterior where the pages are bound. I am not a bookmaker and do not know the proper name. The outer corners of the cover showed wear. One would think it had been in a reading room, perhaps like B&N. I can't tell for certain, but some time back I thought I noticed the pages and cover were of a lesser quality compared to when I first subscribed. That would be a way to save on production costs. But doing so would also lend itself to more damage in mailing. QA WAS a high-end magazine.I think the last one got mistreated by the USPS also, but perhaps it was CPS.  I just want to be the first person to beat up my magazines. Why are some of the mags from Interweave packed in cardboard, others in a plastic sleeve and some, (QA), mailed bare?

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