Does anyone know how to put wire into a quilted piece? (an odd shape to turn?)

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kareneve01 wrote
on 19 Aug 2013 8:26 PM

I am making a quilted lotus leaf and want to put wire in edges to make it 3D but cannot figure out how to do this and turn it insided out and keep the scallopped shape. I can attach the wire on the wrong side ok but would like to turn it rather than do a hand finish. IDeas?

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Lillian E. wrote
on 24 Aug 2013 7:44 PM

Hi Karen, 

I have never tried this, but have contemplated it for a similar project that has been floating around in my mind for some time... Assuming there are no sharp corners or turns... Would it possible to create a casing from the seam allowance before the leaf is turned - leaving a very small opening to thread the wire into after the leaf is turned right side out? (It might be useful to "cap" the wire with some tape to help prevent it from poking through the fabric.) Then the only handwork would be to close the small opening and sculpt the wire into the desired leaf shape...

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okieLinda wrote
on 31 Aug 2013 10:30 AM

never used wire but I corded a celtic design by putting the cording in as I quilted it between the layers 


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Yocheved2 wrote
on 20 Sep 2013 8:47 AM

Instead of wire, I offer three alternatives, I have used heavy duty fusible shaping that people use for making bowls and 3D objects.  That can be found in the fusible section at your fabric store. That will hold the shape.

I have experimented with using super size plastic cable ties.  They can be found at places like Home Depot or Lowes in really big sizes, like 3 foot. I ended up using a third technique instead of these for my septagonal piece-

If you have corners, rather than curves, I put little pockets on the back and put a flexible rod in them from point to opposing point.  I used molding from the home improvement store for this, too.  But that is a very big piece, 6 foot across from point to opposite side.  You can see what I mean in my gallery at



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