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paterlisia wrote
on 16 Jan 2014 3:38 PM


my name is Pat. I love creativity of anything that is done by hand. I have some sewing skills and would love to learn how to make photo quilts for my three sons and parents. Since my kidney transplants, I have the time, but unfortunately, do not have the equipment or the financial means for attaining such. If anyone out there has information or know of anyone wanting to donate a machine or sell on cheap, and I do mean cheap, I would be very grateful for the information.

i watch the quilting and sewing shows regularly and am just amazed of the talent out there. I often dream of being in a nice sewing room working on some of the designs I've come up with. Yes, I do draw designs of quilts I would like to make one day if I ever am fortunate enough to have the equipment to do so. In the meantime, I will keep drawing.


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Muppin wrote
on 20 Jan 2014 12:54 PM

HI Pat!

One place to look is a sewing repair shop.  They may have machines that have not been picked up that they can then resell, and around here, they go for a lot less.

I made all of my first quilts on a $99 sewing machine I got at WalMart.  It can be done!

Cheryl / Muppin

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ckquilter wrote
on 7 Feb 2014 4:23 AM

hi pat


several ideas -

1.  is there a local guild??  you might be able to put a call for help in their newsletter - asking if anyone has a back up machine they would sell inexpensive.   while there - tell them your circumstances - and ask if anyone has extra cutter, ruler, mat, fabric, thread, batt......

most of us hardcore quilters have somthing extra that could be donated to a friend.  be specific with what you can use/need.   and you might be surprised with what comes about.    quilters are very generous. and love helping fellow quilters.

2. that same guild may know of service groups. either guild or church connected. you might be able to borrow a machine from them. or visit the weekly or monthly get togethers and sew on their machine during the meeting.   good place to learn some quilting techniques.

3. is there a local quilt shop with a class room?   they often have machines you can use there. make friends with them - and be a customer - even if you just buy a little - and ask. again, tell them your circumstances.  maybe work out a small hourly fee?   or find a group that meets there and see what you could work  out with them.    maybe sew samples for the shop ? and for each hour you sew for them, you get to use the machine for an hour for you ??  again, you would learn techniques while sewing for them.   and might be able to use their cutter, mat, rulers for your quilts - again, equal time would benefit you both.        buy your thread at the shop,  and see if you can get the guild to donate most of your fabrics. then you might only have to buy very little extra.   support the shop by buying your printer fabric there.

4. if you don't  mind scrappy - ask the guild for pieces from their scrap baskets.   maybe have a minimum size that you ask for - so you know you can get the pieces you want out of them.     and you can ask for needed color/print/style.

i am making "generations" quilts for each of my nieces and nephews.  i am printing their great grandmothers wedding picture, their grandparents wedding picture, their parents picture (some together. some as single.) and a picture of the receiver.   8 by 10.  they ae printed in sepia tone. then i surround each picture with crazy pieced patches - all in white and cream. silk,embroidered, cotton....... all different textures. but always white and cream.  but by machine. i cover each of the seams with ribbon, trims..... and outline the picture.   then set the 4 pictures together and add the last trims over the final seams.    labels on the back are hand printed on white handkerchiefs that belonged to their geat grandmother.    i add silk rose embellishments on the corner of her picture - the silk roses i use are from the first niece to be married wedding reception.  (greatgrandma is holding a rose in her picture)

for a couple of the nephews - i printed their picture in color. and instead of white crazy patch, used denim jeans to surround their picture. and used red/white/blue trims.

a scrappy pieced border around your pictures would allow you to use small donated pieces of fabric.   andif you get larger pieces, they could be put together for the backing.

there are lots of ways to get it done, without having to spend much money. and you have taken a good first step by asking online.  start making some phone calls. local shops will know of a guild.  if you need a driver - ask for a contact person at the guild, and find someone coming from your area for a ride.  big bonus - you start making some new friends !! the shop may know of local groups.         you can do it !!!        ckquilter

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