Thermofax Screen Makers

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sueprice wrote
on 23 Feb 2014 12:48 PM

This message/question pertains to anyone who owns a thermofax machine to make screens for yourself as well as those who sell screens to others.  I'm wondering if any of you get your thermofax screen from Welsh Products? I received a letter & screen samples from them back in January, saying that Riso is changing their production facility in the next year and the blue screen will be replaced with a white screen. They've done testing and say it works fine on 3M machines, but not the newer Panenka machines. I have heard from some others who sell screens on Etsy like myself, that the new screen does not work in the 3M machines either.  I'm wondering how many of us there are who will no longer be able to make new screens when the supply of blue screen mesh is exhausted, and if there is anything we can do collectively to influence the manufacturer?  Having spent a little time exploring the Riso website, I see they have a new digital screen maker and wonder if that is the reason for the change in screen material.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.
Susan Price


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