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n2crafts wrote
on 31 Jul 2014 10:03 PM

I have been quilting for about 10 years or so.....even though I haven't made a quilt in over a year or so....I've been busy making patchwork jackets - my friends seem to love these - some have 2 or 3!  Share with me what you think.  I have pictures at n2crafts.wordpress.com - leave me a comment!  Don't be cruel :)

I'm still intrigued with these jackets - no 2 are ever the same - I do what I call "haphazard quilting" on them with haloshimmer thread.

I'm still working full-time so I'm kind of isolated from my guild - but hopefully when I retire in a year or so, I'll have plenty of time to experiment and fellowship with my fellow fabricholics.  Yes I'm one of those too.  I have fabric that is over 5+ years old that is still "just too pretty to cut".  Don't judge.

I've made 10 jackets this year for my quilt guild's annual boutique.  I use my scraps religiously, and use my snipped threads and incorporate them into my art quilts. You'd be surprised at the results!

Hope to hear from you fellow quilters soon.



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ckquilter wrote
on 13 Aug 2014 6:26 PM

hi crafty

so you have 5 year old fabric ?!!?!   it is not even mature yet !give it another 15 years - then it is coming of age.

if it is still too pretty to cut - you just have not found the right project for it yet.    or better still, don't cut it up into little pieces. how about using some of it for the front panel of a jacket. and then doing patchwork on the other side of the jacket front. best of both worlds. you get to use (and wear !) the pretty stuff, and you get to be creative on the other side.   added bonus - does not take as long to work on, because of the big piece side. which means you get to start on the next one sooner .

some other options for fabric too pretty to cut - use it as is as a background. i have several series that i use my sunprinted fabric for. they are so beautiful, i don't want to cut them into little pieces. so i don't.   i sunprint lots of pieces that are about a fat quarter size, or a bit bigger.   some make it into my friendship branches series. i use the whole sunprinted panel. quilt it and bind it. then add dimensional embellishment over the top - branches of twisted sheers, or yarns; then add leaves or flowers of silk or fused angelina or ???    and then beading to enhance.  

a variation of the friendship branches is my family branches series.  similar background - but when i sunprint, i add the words "family forever".

then quilt and bind the whole panel. add my branches. then each leaf gets the name of a family member embroidered on it. and finally the beading.

my latest series is moon dance. i have lots of little sunprint pieces, as a result of trying new ideas. i also used my clean up rags.  don't cut them into little pieces. instead, just square them up. arrange them nicely. add sashing to bring them together. i am adding moons to the blocks (they are quick and easy and cover any ugly areas on my clean up rags !)   and then quilted with my favorite beautiful horse designs.        i really like the effect of collaging the panels together.  they are bigger than the friendship branches quilts. but less time, because they have don't have the beading.

keep up the good work !                                         ckquilter

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n2crafts wrote
on 18 Aug 2014 6:11 AM

Thanks!  These are great ideas - I participated in our community's annual festival and I sold 4 of my jackets.  I was so excited!  Of course, now I have to make 4 more for my guild's upcoming boutique.  I'll keep aging my fabric like a good wine :)  You're right - I just haven't found the right pattern for the "too pretty to cut" fabrics, but eventually I will.  I think for a show I'm doing on 9/12 I'll just create some of my fabric collages and put them in frames - they are quick and easy.  Here's a picture of one of my jackets modeled by my daughter.  This one sold.

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Muppin wrote
on 26 Aug 2014 5:54 PM

I love that jacket!!! Really awesome. And it's great that they are selling for you too!


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