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on 9 Dec 2014 12:06 AM

Hello Everyone!

I am new to this site. I've been quilting for about 5 years now, sewing for 19 years, seems like a blink. 

I am looking forward to combining my love for art with my quilt. I have already done so a bit but need more training in the "translation" between art and quilting. So, basically, needing my "art quilt" training in techniques and good, solid critiquing. I have recently been playing around with free motion embroidery, soooo wonderful for applique purposes. 

My quilter's guild is having an awesome Christmas Postcard "exchange" which I decided to participate in with an original design. It's not my greatest and the background fabric is not ideal at all. That being said, it IS my first time making a fabric postcard, AND my first thread painting. I figured I'd have some fun with it and give the painting technique a go. Shown below modeled by my loving cat who decided I was not allowed to have all the window light.

Here is my first "non- traditional" and COMPLETED lol, quilt. This was for my guild's Pelican Quilt Contest. It's a faux applique, my own personal design within the rules of the basic pelican shape. The v's are appliqued. I really really fell in love with art quilts with this piece. I am looking forward to combining my traditional piecing, especially for borders or accent pieces, with art quilt techniques. This piece, yet untitled, is my son's, designed for him with his love for birds. He also picked out the backing fabric, cardinals in snowy birch trees. This is technically only the second contest I've entered, the first a year ago with the Missouri Star Quilt Company "lovely" contest. Sew, this is the first "real" contest I'd participated in where the quilt was seen in person. Of the 15 quilts there I managed to take 4th. Sew, this piece is really my "kick-off" which showed me that "non-traditional" for me is a perfect harmony.

*Please note* Though I appreciate hearing that you like a piece, thank you, BUT my biggest reason for being here is to grow. You can't grow with all that's lovely comments. Please say specifically what you like and even more important what you DON'T. Things that you think should of could of been done different, errors, ANYTHING, please let me know since that's the ONLY way I'm really going to learn to get better and improve. Knowing what you like is great so I know to keep that, but I have to know what to "throw away" so I can get better.

Those of you who take the time to be honest, brutally if needed, THANK YOU! I look forward to learning and growing with you all!

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ckquilter wrote
on 15 Dec 2014 12:47 AM

hi sew

the postcard is ok.  the cat holder is fun !      i would like the words to be more distinguished from the background.   i also like sparkle for the holidays - so would like to see some metallic thread ?        a lot of people are afraid of that wow factor. and default to traditional color choices. which dilutes the color.       i like lots of contrast - especially when thread painting. if i am gonna spend all that time doing the stitching  - i want it to SHOW.                  

i like the shapes in the bird   . love the curves. why the V ? it is a bit distracting from the bird. however, if it is the initial of yor son's name - it then makes sense.   i would still have made it smaller - i would want the bird to be  dominant .    could you have included it in the shapes inside the bird?     i could also see the wings uplifted and extended into the corners more.           right now - the wings are kinda small. and static. a larger wing, kept on the diagonal would give more emphasis and movement, and fill the space better.  ( i am not gung ho on quite that much white background. it does give you lots of space for quilting - but is the quilting that important here, that it is equal or even more dominant         than the bird ??

also, when someone else is analyzing a piece, we don't always know the symbolism and significance of your decisions.   especially when you are making it for a specific person - you want it to have meaning for that person. and that could be why you made some of the design decisions that you did.  and we don't know that unless you explain it .

what did you quilt on all that white space around the bird?             it looks like there is no quilting inside the V ? again, is that a conscious decision? and why?   

the backing fabric sounds perfect for the bird quilt.                  ckquilter


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