When did QA stop providing QATV project instructions on website?

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on 23 Mar 2015 9:46 PM

I realize that change is expected when a publication group is sold to another entity as the Interweave brand has gone through.  However, was it really necessary to stop providing instructions for projects/techniques demonstrated on Quilting Arts TV on the website?  I wanted to get the measurements for a bag Sarah Ann Smith showed on a previous episode.  I didn't need anything else from any of the other episodes in that series.  Now, I see that I have to pay for an eBook of project instructions if I want to make any project shown on QATV.

I don't know about the opinions of other viewers, but I frequently purchase & download workshops, digital only magazines, etc from the website and I don't think the viewers of QATV should have to pay for project instructions.  Prior to this change we were able to get the project information along with the guests' websites and blog addresses for the guests on each episode on the individual show's page on the website, in addition to supplier resources.

I support Quilting Arts, the sponsors by purchasing their products and the I support PBS stations in my state during their fundraisers because I believe it is important to continue to have this kind of programming available for everyone.  I think Interweave/Quilting Arts is pinching pennies to require viewers to purchase an eBook to get the projects that were shown during the QATV episodes.

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Muppin wrote
on 24 Mar 2015 3:21 PM

Hi Twisted Threads-

You do not have to pay for the downloads of the projects from series 1400 and lower, they are all available at http://www.quiltingdaily.com/media/18/default.aspx.  If you are looking for the bag from Sarah's episode in Series 1400, it's one of the first projects on that page.  It's free to get.   


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nor easter wrote
on 26 Mar 2015 5:07 PM

Let's just hope that F+W doesn't start adding 30 page plus-sized women's clothing catalogs to the center of QA Magazine like they have to subscription issues of Quilters Newsletter Magazine. 

When asked why the change, they responded, "The answer is simple: money" adding that it fits their demographic of "a well-to-do educated woman in her mid- to late-50's to 60's."

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Cate Prato wrote
on 6 Apr 2015 9:00 PM

Hi Twisted Threads:

Thank you for voicing your concerns regarding the supplemental information to QATV. We love our viewers and appreciate you taking your valuable time to watch the shows. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to produce this high quality content free to PBS stations, and we've had to change our policy regarding the instructions and patterns for the episodes. There is a lot of time and energy going into planning out each episode and supplemental downloads. I hope you understand that we do need to pay our employees for their hard work on creating this wonderful product and hope the nominal fee won’t deter you from continuing to watch QATV.” 

Cate Prato
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