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  • Re: Cracked Paper Quilts questions

    Well, here are some photos of the finished piece. It's okay. Not great; not completely awful, I guess. It actually doesn't fade out on the wall as much as this picture shows it. I think I used a flash and it washed it out some. I have a red wall in my music room; I may have to hang it there if...
    Posted to Cloth Paper Scissors (Forum) by pandabolt on 2 Mar 2010
  • Cracked Paper Quilts questions

    I am so excited to be working on Carol Wiebe's cracked paper technique. But I have a question for all you creative folks out there: I have the background cracked, laddered, and densely quilted. I love the work so far, but I now want to somehow knock back the white of the background without completely...
    Posted to Cloth Paper Scissors (Forum) by pandabolt on 27 Jan 2010
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