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  • Hello from The Netherlands

    Just a few minutes ago I became a member of this community. I am a Dutch quilter, and I like both traditional and contemporary / art quilting. When I make traditional quilts that is for the traditional use: on my bed or on a couch - I am more exploring things and trying to combine the old and the new...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by inaklugt on 7 May 2009
  • Hello from Texas

    Hello from Texas! I am having a little bit of trouble....I am completely computer illiterate and am not sure how to post photos, etc. But I love this whole idea.... the forums, making new friends and having my work critiqued....as soon as I catch up with y'all!!
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by Dawn G. on 4 May 2009
  • Re: Hi from a pre-quilting novice

    Hi Michelle, A compulsive dreamer? I used to get teased in art school that I turned all my creations into quilts... yet it took me 20 years to actually start making them in earnest! Last year I decided to "get brave" and just explore the medium with small pieces to find out what I liked. It...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by Gia2 on 2 May 2009
  • hello from Frankfurt

    Since my childhood I'm a busy "worker" with all kinds of yarn, fabric, beads, paper, textiles ... manipulating them with all methods I know - and there is no end! Never my fingers can be still and there is such that great creative magazine "Quilting Arts"! So I'm very glad...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by BarbaraH106 on 2 May 2009
  • Looking for Friends!!!

    I was browsing through all the new members that we have. Welcome! Since I know a lot of you through email addresses and names, I think I know all of you! Some of you put first names only as your Avatar. So, if I request being friends with you and you have no idea who I am, my feeling won't be hurt...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by Belinda Spiwak on 2 May 2009