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  • Hello, how ya doing?

    I have been a member for awhile but have not introduced myself. My name is Arlinda though I go by arlijohn and I am currently living in southwest Missouri. I love to travel and the outdoors so most of my quilts reflect those interests. I like to create landscapes but I don't work from photos very...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by arlijohn on 26 Oct 2009
  • Hello from London UK

    Hello to everyone - I am looking forward to seeing some pics of your quilts. I am a fairly new contemporary quilter having come from a traditional background. Lots to learn but have made a good start with QA mag!
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by carolphelps on 22 Sep 2009
  • Re: No Longer Just Lurking in Ontario

    Hi Dale, and Sara too, I am also a newbie to blogging, and QA. I just noticed your posting regarding the paper fabric. I tried my hand at a piece, inspired by the June July article of Jill Kennedy. I enjoyed it, but I didn't like the shiny finish. Any suggestions? Carrole Blakeman, Hockley Valley...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by CarroleB on 7 Sep 2009
  • Re: Hello- new from Houston, TX!

    Thanks! We Houstonians aren't all that bad... LOL
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by bragginrights on 28 Jul 2009
  • Hello- new from Houston, TX!

    Glad to be here, still have alot of checking the site out to do- but it looks like a great place so far! Tracy :-)
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by bragginrights on 27 Jul 2009
  • night shift and quilting

    I'm working the nite shift at our local hospital . It doesn't stop me from thinking about quilting and usually shopping that is quilt related. I must admit I'm obsessed and this site gives me such great ideas. It also helps me realize that when we stray from traditional we are actually honoring...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by sha1non on 26 Jul 2009
  • Hi, from Western Australia

    Hi everyone, I'm new here - have just got around to posting my bio and some pics, looking forward to meeting people and seeing some fantastic textile work. Cheers, Linda in Perth, Western Australia
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by LindaL4 on 19 Jun 2009
  • Re: New member-Hello!

    Hello - I'm a new member too, and I was interested in what you said about the quilt guild. I had the same experience. I make art quilts, and they all just looked at me like I was nuts- with kind amusement. I love what I do, whether the result are good or bad. I guess it just depends on who is looking...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by 13Dandelions on 2 Jun 2009
  • Re: Hi From Nebraska

    I also grew up in Nebraska, many years ago... I have always missed the open spaces- some call boring- Nice to read about you.. Love Quilting Arts, and rarely miss Sat. morning PBS... Good luck with your quilts... Linda Mac.
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by LindaM@89 on 23 May 2009
  • Hello, I just finished my Bio

    I just finished my Bio and now a serious member!!! I welcome new friends, since I do not have even one as of yet, so if you want a friend, I welcome you. I have also recently set up a blog, ( when am I ever going to get any quilting done?) which I invite you to visit, www.jakquilblog.blogspot.com
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by jakquil on 19 May 2009