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  • Re: Online presence

    I ry to get a good mixture on my blog. I have new work posted, in progress projects, tutorials ,interviews with some of my favorite quilters and fiber artists and some just fun stuff; gardening, tea parties and even a little home decorating and a little humor. It's hard not to have just, "I...
    Posted to Minding Your Business (Forum) by AsianArtAndQuilts on 10 Aug 2011
  • Re: New website

    I agree with the graphic designer about the sizing of the graphics and I also have a couple of big screen monitors, Might I suggest using Wordpress as your content management system? You'll get better SEO and opportunity to use keywords like crazy. I use www.themehybrid.com for my sites because it's...
    Posted to Minding Your Business (Forum) by fashionista29 on 30 Mar 2011
  • Re: Insurance for quilts

    Thanks for this information. I will start looking into this from the art perspective. Is there anyone out there in the US who has another suggestion? I will post what I find in this forum, too.
    Posted to Minding Your Business (Forum) by Cathy Waltz on 29 Nov 2010
  • Re: Opinions on online courses

    I have taken 5 classes at QuiltUniversity.com. It's terrific! They post new lessons every friday so you can begin working on your new homework that weekend. Most classes run from 3 to 6 weeks. They have a forum where you can post questions and interact with other students which is very helpful. Most...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by auraquilts on 26 Feb 2010
  • Re: Do you feel confident in your quilts artistic merits?

    I just finished my 1st solo piece. It was quite an ambitious project so I'm really pleased to have achieved it. I laid it on my table and I admire it and have shown it to my friends and neighbors who think it is wonderful (so much for my doubts). Only I know there are mistakes in it, after all it...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Caribquilter on 13 Nov 2009
  • Re: creating a quilt from a photo

    Sharon Malec has a book specializing in dog patterns - Maria Elkins "Making Faces" QA DVD workshop is also a very excellent tutorial in how to manipulate a photo in photoshop elements and easily produce a pattern and product. Enjoy! -Lyric
    Posted to Design and Composition (Forum) by Lyric Kinard on 6 Sep 2009
  • Re: New designs

    I'm back from my trip. It was one of the best we've done. In addition to all the cultural things, I had my eyes open for anything to do with fabric. I approached seamstresses and bargained with them to buy their silk scraps. It was so much fun and they had a huge variety of designs on the fabric...
    Posted to Design and Composition (Forum) by reginabdunn on 6 Aug 2009
  • Re: Do you remember your first?

    Hi You really asked two questions. When can you call yourself an artist and What was that one thing that you created with fabric that hooked you that made you never look back? I entered a photo of my first quilt on this website about a month ago. Basically it was 9/11/2001 and I had just moved here so...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Whidbey2 on 16 Jun 2009
  • Re: New designs

    Belinda, Thanks for taking the time to respond. I've been reading a tour book about the places we want to see and I think that I"ll be able to immerse myself during the 5 weeks. I think it will be important for me to add words as you suggest so that I know what my intent was when I did the sketch...
    Posted to Design and Composition (Forum) by reginabdunn on 16 Jun 2009
  • Re: New designs

    Approachable Art, My husband has a high quality camera and he is taking photos to remember the trip by. My camera is just a point and shoot (digital) and I'm using it to gather images for art later on. I'll stick them in photoshop and manipulate them, use parts of them, etc. to create art quilts...
    Posted to Design and Composition (Forum) by reginabdunn on 16 Jun 2009