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  • Cutting machine?

    I'm looking for a machine that will cut intricate patterns that I either cut out of card stock or I can draw them. There are many machines on the market but they seem to require dies or digital dies. I could swear I saw on qa tv a machine where you put in something you cut out of paper and sandwich...
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by Avenuejames on 28 Apr 2013
  • Quilted Felting - where to talk about it and share?!

    Not sure which of the subforums "Quilted Felting" belongs in, much less Art Quilting that incorporates polymer clay...so I will try here! In some ways, felting - be it by hand or by machine - is rightfully an embellishment. But at times what I am doing is creating cloth, which is then quilted...
    Posted to Mixed Media (Forum) by RUEdOAK on 30 Jan 2012
  • Embossing Supplies

    Hi, Not sure if this should go here or in Surface Design, but here goes. I saw an episode that used embossing powder- I'd like to try it but am confused on what all I need and where to buy the stuff. Can someone give me a list of everything to make it work and the best place to buy it all? I looked...
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by Wefish on 16 Nov 2011
  • Any advice....

    Hello! I'm new to the Quilting Arts world, but I've been hand quilting for many years. I have the urge to do more artistic pieces. I have done some beading, but that's it. Can anyone suggest a good book for me to start with that has some basic types of embellishments and ideas? Any help would...
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by krdeleon on 19 Jul 2011
  • Mesa Canyons - Feedback needed

    approx 14" square, this piece mixes quilting, layering, polymer clay, beads, Shiva paint sticks, knit lace edging,needle felting, frayed edges. I am struggling to get a decent photo, as the roving always seems to turn to fuzz...and I realize now that I have loaded this that the beading and the hand...
    Posted to Critique My Art Quilt (Forum) by RUEdOAK on 17 Jun 2011
  • Fabric Roses, Flowers, and Leaves

    I love to make fabric roses and flowers. I use them to embellish clothing, purses and 19 years ago - my wedding veil! There are a number of ways to make the flowers - all fairly simple - and the leaves are even easier! Here are some tutorials for flowers , roses and leaves Embellish and Enjoy!
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by KimberlyF@2 on 17 Jun 2011
  • Re: wearable arts and sustainability

    Upcycling clothing is fast becoming a new "trend", but for some of us, it has always been a necessity. I agree that advertisements and magazines often try to convince us of what defines style...but I am glad to be of a mind to determine what defines style for me. After years of having to dress...
    Posted to Wearable Art (Forum) by KimberlyF@2 on 18 Apr 2011
  • Re: "Steam a Seam 2 and paintI

    Thank you Barbara, i just looked at your website, it is just beautiful. And so is your work. I can't wait to try your suggestions.
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by 13Dandelions on 22 Aug 2010
  • A vest done in Rosemary Eichorn's Asilomar workshop ... dedicated to Shiva

    Hi everyone; I'm new to the Online Quilting Arts and am looking forward to getting to know more artistas! Come and check out my blog, and see a vest that helped design itself! Tina Rathbone http://tina-rathbone.blogspot.com Above is a link to my blog, Artelicious, but I don't know how to make...
    Posted to Wearable Art (Forum) by tinarathbone on 30 Jul 2010
  • I Love My Janome Machine! Anyone else try it?

    Posted to Wearable Art (Forum) by pennya2 on 3 Mar 2010