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  • Cutting machine?

    I'm looking for a machine that will cut intricate patterns that I either cut out of card stock or I can draw them. There are many machines on the market but they seem to require dies or digital dies. I could swear I saw on qa tv a machine where you put in something you cut out of paper and sandwich...
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by Avenuejames on 28 Apr 2013
  • Embellished Ready Made Dress

    It is rare that a ready-made dress fits well, or is comfortable, or is reasonably priced - but even rarer to have all three occur with one dress! So, obviously, it came home with me. The dress's only negative was four very large black plastic lozenge-shaped beads that were sewn to the empire waist...
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by KimberlyF@2 on 9 Jun 2012
  • Embossing Supplies

    Hi, Not sure if this should go here or in Surface Design, but here goes. I saw an episode that used embossing powder- I'd like to try it but am confused on what all I need and where to buy the stuff. Can someone give me a list of everything to make it work and the best place to buy it all? I looked...
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by Wefish on 16 Nov 2011
  • Any advice....

    Hello! I'm new to the Quilting Arts world, but I've been hand quilting for many years. I have the urge to do more artistic pieces. I have done some beading, but that's it. Can anyone suggest a good book for me to start with that has some basic types of embellishments and ideas? Any help would...
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by krdeleon on 19 Jul 2011
  • Fabric Roses, Flowers, and Leaves

    I love to make fabric roses and flowers. I use them to embellish clothing, purses and 19 years ago - my wedding veil! There are a number of ways to make the flowers - all fairly simple - and the leaves are even easier! Here are some tutorials for flowers , roses and leaves Embellish and Enjoy!
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by KimberlyF@2 on 17 Jun 2011
  • Re: "Steam a Seam 2 and paintI

    Thank you Barbara, i just looked at your website, it is just beautiful. And so is your work. I can't wait to try your suggestions.
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by 13Dandelions on 22 Aug 2010
  • Re: "Steam a Seam 2 and paintI

    Thank you for the reply- that's where I saw the wall hanging too. I loved it. Thank you for the link, it's exactly what I was looking for.
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by 13Dandelions on 29 Jun 2009
  • Re: "Steam a Seam 2 and paintI

    The effect I am trying for looks like silk screen on organza. I like the suggestion of misty fuse, I've never tried it. I also like the rust idea. I just bought the SAS on a whim. I think I'll go out and get the Misty fuse. Thanks for the input
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by 13Dandelions on 5 Jun 2009
  • Re: "Steam a Seam 2 and paintI

    Don't forget, though, that if the Misty Fuse or SAS2 is exposed (as opposed to being between layers of fabric), it will still stick to anything if it is heated. So avoid heating your finished piece or it will fuse to anything it touches.
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by reginabdunn on 4 Jun 2009
  • Re: "Steam a Seam 2 and paintI

    Thanks for the reply. I think I get what you mean. Is what you end up with - the backing fabric and the organza fused together with the misty fuse design melted in between? This is close. What I want to get to is the organza alone with the painted SAS2 (or misty fuse) design melted into the organza alone...
    Posted to Embellishment (Forum) by 13Dandelions on 4 Jun 2009