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  • Help! Thread shredding!

    I am free motion quilting a king size cotton patchwork quilt on my vintage Featherweight. The thread is a 40 weight polyester embroidery thread, and I am using new embroidery needles, size 11 and 12. Even after putting in a new needle, I can sew for a few minutes, and then I get a shredded top thread...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by k9dancer on 30 Aug 2010
  • Re: What sewing machine do you use?

    I am reading this thread because I am currently researching a variety of machines. Now that I am finally an 'empty nester' I have 'that room' I have always wanted-- and I'm ready to update my toys.... Currently I have a 17 year old Kenmore 36. It was $400 back then, when money was...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by hpthecat on 17 Aug 2010
  • Just discovered freestyle machine embroidery

    Just want to thank you for your ebook on 67 machine stitching tips and the 5 small quilting projects e book..I made these today with the instructions. I had a go at last with freestyle with the feed dogs down. Its addictive..I just sewed random circular patterns over layers of burnt chiffon, organza...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Lorraine62 on 5 Dec 2009
  • Re: Hand quilters?

    hi there! I hand stitch quite a bit, quilting and embroidery. I find it very meditative and centering. Don't get me wrong, I do like putting the pedal to the metal and free-motioning away... but there is nothing like that quiet meditative time when I just sit and stitch and thoughts come flowing...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by natalya2 on 10 Jun 2009
  • Re: Posted to my blog, would like comments on embroidery

    Hi, Melli. Congrats on your piece in CPS. I enjoyed it a lot. Now, to your embroidery. Smooth flowing lines and muted color do not evoke Fierceness. Sharp jagged lines and strong contrasts do. The tree line is an examp of sharp lines creating a feeling of roughness. We see heat lightning in the distance...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by TheNeedler on 10 May 2009
  • Long & Short cross stitch

    Can anyone tell me if the long & short cross stitch might be suitable for couching? I have done quite a bit of machine couching using various stitches, and I have hand couched various items by hand using a plain couching stitch. But I have never used a decorative stitch by hand to couch anything...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by TheNeedler on 10 May 2009