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  • Embroidering fabric

    Hello, My first post! I've stamped some fabric (fat quarter) and want to embroider on it now to make it more complex as it evolves into a finished piece. I'm not sure where it's going but should I back it with flannel or other thin backing before I start the hand work or should I do handwor...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by anna on 4 Jun 2013
  • Re: London 2012 Olympic Mini Quilts Needed

    Thank you to everyone for your amazing support !!!!! http://www.quilts4london.org.uk/ .... 17,000 pennants made !!!!! ........ 7,000 pennants have been included in the Official London 2012 Paralympic Gift Bags.....the rest have been given to Olympic athletes ...... but now we only have 5,000 left to...
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by steeple on 31 Jul 2012
  • Hello from Boston, MA

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone might have any insight, opinions, preferences to embroidery machines. I'm looking to purchase a machine that I am not subjected to buying the design cards... I'd rather have something I can download into a pen-drive and use a USB port. The only local shops around...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by pebblesooo on 24 Sep 2009
  • Hello from Parrish Florida

    Hi All I am new to Quilting Arts - Have quilted for a while and really want to learn about embellishments - with yarns and buttons etc. Looking forward to reading what you all have to say! nursnis
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by nursnis on 1 Sep 2009
  • Hello- new from Houston, TX!

    Glad to be here, still have alot of checking the site out to do- but it looks like a great place so far! Tracy :-)
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by bragginrights on 27 Jul 2009
  • Re: Quiltie Shape Challenge - June/July 2009

    This square quiltie is made of fabric paper on navy felt with machine embroidery, embossing, and stamping.
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by denisemarie53 on 20 Jul 2009
  • Re: Quiltie Shape Challenge - June/July 2009

    This little quitie was finally finished this morning with the addition of the ribbons which are tacked at the top and hang freely. It includes a fabric transfer of a vintage image, machine embroidery on a Lutradur scrap; fibers and ribbons, and commercial fabric. 6.5" x 9". I'm planning...
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by denisemarie53 on 17 Jul 2009
  • Hello from Suffolk, England

    Hi. I've just join here and wanted to introduce my self. I'm Birgitte a Danish textil/fiber artist living in England with my American husband. I make art quilts and free style machine embroidery pieces, often combined with a bit of mixed media. I love working with texture, building up my surfaces...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by SewDanish on 26 Jun 2009
  • Re: Hi from Metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Hi Carolyn, I am also a procrastinating quilter, often finding other things to do rather than trying just one thing, I don't even get as far as the fabric stage. There are sketchbooks but mostly bits of paper are all over the place with ideas and experiments all over them - often I find I have a...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by Lesley@16 on 26 May 2009
  • Hi - newbie in UK

    Hi all I registered a few days back, but have not introduced myself. I've been stitching all my life. I'm never really sure what camp I fit into, as my studies were in embroidery, then paper arts - but I prefer a 'less is more' look to things. Also my creations mainly involve stitching...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by FibreReaction on 12 May 2009