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  • Just discovered freestyle machine embroidery

    Just want to thank you for your ebook on 67 machine stitching tips and the 5 small quilting projects e book..I made these today with the instructions. I had a go at last with freestyle with the feed dogs down. Its addictive..I just sewed random circular patterns over layers of burnt chiffon, organza...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Lorraine62 on 5 Dec 2009
  • Re: Free-motion is jerky

    See my post to "Free Motion Frustration". I think it will answer all your questions. If not, let me know and I will try to help you.
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by jo goranson on 19 Oct 2009
  • Re: free motion frustration!

    I had an Elna at one time and I had a lot of trouble with free-motion quilting because the machine needed adjusting. Take it to a very good dealer (this is not necessarily the one you bought it from). I suggest an independent machine mechanic. He can run a shop too, but ask around and find out who your...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by jo goranson on 19 Oct 2009
  • Re: free motion frustration!

    Thanks Jill & Barb, I'm going to try again. I'm pretty sure it's free motion that I want to do, not embroidery. All the videos I see show the "foot" being pretty stable in its position, hovering over the fabric while the needle moves. Mine goes up and down wildly so I must have...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Zoldesign on 14 Oct 2009
  • Re: free motion frustration!

    Hi Zoldesign, you need to place your fabric in a hoop and make sure it is very taught. This will avoid the fabric coming up and down with the needle. I assume you are using a single thickness of fabric? The only time you need not place fabric in a hoop to free motion, is when you are stiching through...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by JillAmandaKennedy on 13 Oct 2009
  • free motion frustration!

    I am using an Elna machine, feed dogs down, special "foot" attached, ready, set, go...oh man! Even with the foot lowered it doesn't sit on the fabric. Maybe an 1/8" away from it when the needle goes down and as much as 1/2" away when the needle comes up. My fabric "pops"...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Zoldesign on 13 Oct 2009
  • Re: Free-motion is jerky

    I find that if before I work on the actual quilt I do a little sample piece that helps ease me into what my plan is for the quilt. I think also starting on a smaller piece helps because you are not man-handling so much extra material. As well I remind myself "yes machine fast but my hands and the...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by sha1non on 5 Oct 2009
  • Free-motion is jerky

    Hi All - I am new here and have been helped with many of my issues just by reading all of the helpful ideas and suggestions. But I have so many issues!! The one that is foremost in my mind right now is how jerky and awkward my free-motion quilting is - just not that smooth, effortless meandering I am...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Lisaloo2 on 5 Oct 2009
  • Marking for Free Motion

    I normally just go for it with free motion, so I have no experience with marking. I have a quilt ready for quilting (lap quilt) and I think it needs a more structured quilting pattern. I have a pounce bag and have used it with stencils (ones used for painting) I'll be glad to get your advise. Thanks...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by roycecreative on 16 Jul 2009