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  • free motion machines for art quilters

    I am looking for recommendations for machines. I want a sit down machine for doing detailed thread painting but would like a long arm for larger pieces. What do you use and what do you like? This will be a big investment and I want to get it right.
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by jclyell on 30 Jan 2012
  • Free motion embroidery tuotorials

    I am running beginner FME tutorials at my blog: http://victoriaedm1.blogspot.com/2011/03/landscape-of-your-own.html http://victoriaedm1.blogspot.com/2011/03/landscape-of-your-own-2.html I also post stitch videos each week http://victoriaedm1.blogspot.com/2011/02/belated-blog.html http://victoriaedm1...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by viceldor on 17 Mar 2011
  • Help! Thread shredding!

    I am free motion quilting a king size cotton patchwork quilt on my vintage Featherweight. The thread is a 40 weight polyester embroidery thread, and I am using new embroidery needles, size 11 and 12. Even after putting in a new needle, I can sew for a few minutes, and then I get a shredded top thread...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by k9dancer on 30 Aug 2010
  • Re: What sewing machine do you use?

    My fabumotion is in a box where it belongs. I purchased the fabumotion on an impulse, thinking that I will never be able to master free motion: I took a free motion class and the teacher inspired me by telling us it is possible to achieve with practice. She also uses a simple mechanical machine. I have...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Fiberolic on 2 Jun 2010
  • Re: What sewing machine do you use?

    My machines are all Pfaff and I have the Fabric Mover, which is the Pfaff version of the Fab-u-motion, and I love it. You have to remember to move the fabric when you get to the edge of the sewing area. Also get a non slip sheet to place under the fabric, it will let the fabric glide over the machine...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Sandra G on 25 Apr 2010
  • Which Free Motion/Darning Foot?

    Hi - I need some help. My sewing machine is pretty old - a Sears Kenmore 1516. I've actually "storrowed" it from my mom and am slowly getting acclimated to it. ("Storrowed" = I borrowed it about a year ago...and have pretty much stolen it at this point.) I want to get a free motion...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by QueenKatherine on 18 Mar 2010
  • Re: Free-motion is jerky

    Yes Barb, that is a great site, I immediately started practicing her daily exercises and boy does that help. She gives great tips and fun designs to exercise with. Thanks for passing the info to us. Myriam
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Caribquilter on 2 Feb 2010
  • Re: What sewing machine do you use?

    Nancy I'm looking for all the help I can get. I rec'd a Bernina stitich regulator from my husband. I want to live up to his belief in me! Could you give me any suggestions on how best to use the stitich regulator? I have done some successful machine quilting without it in the past. Any sugestions...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Susan Mary2 on 2 Feb 2010
  • Just discovered freestyle machine embroidery

    Just want to thank you for your ebook on 67 machine stitching tips and the 5 small quilting projects e book..I made these today with the instructions. I had a go at last with freestyle with the feed dogs down. Its addictive..I just sewed random circular patterns over layers of burnt chiffon, organza...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by Lorraine62 on 5 Dec 2009
  • Re: Free-motion is jerky

    See my post to "Free Motion Frustration". I think it will answer all your questions. If not, let me know and I will try to help you.
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by jo goranson on 19 Oct 2009