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  • uses for old slides/35mm negatives??

    Hi, we've been sorting out my grandfather's photo library. He always edited what he showed us, but he never threw any out. Anyone know of an art use for the films from not-great shots? Some of the rejects are decent pictures, since we're only going to preserve the very best ones.
    Posted to Mixed Media (Forum) by kathyhel on 20 Dec 2009
  • Hi from the beautiful island of St Martin in the Caribbean's

    Hi, I just joined Quilting Arts forum. I am a relatively new quilter, just finished my 2nd project and plan to show them online as soon as I get the how to. I'm positive there is a lot to learn from all of you and I'm truly looking forward to be able to exchange views with some of you. Quilting...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by Caribquilter on 9 Nov 2009
  • Printmaking with fabric

    Hi - Does anyone have experience with making prints on fabric? I just finished an introductory printmaking class -- drypoint, intaglio, and solar plates -- where we used etching ink and a roller press. Everybody printed on paper but I had to try printing on fabric. Mostly it worked quite well, but now...
    Posted to Mixed Media (Forum) by Anne Hiemstra on 9 Nov 2009
  • Re: Gelatin Monoprinting Aug/Sept

    We started out using Golden fluid acrylics and they dried stiff. When we switched to Pebeo Setacolor paints the fabrics stayed soft. We learned a lot and are eager to try it again.
    Posted to Quilting Arts Magazine (Forum) by Dawn G. on 27 Oct 2009
  • Re: Gelatin Monoprinting Aug/Sept

    I tried the painting ,and gelatin monoprint, and then tried to free motion quilt on top the paint was thick and hard feeling, not soft to the touch,did I use the wrong kind of paint? The directions don't say what kind of paint is used. Anyone has an idea?
    Posted to Quilting Arts Magazine (Forum) by Lindama on 27 Oct 2009
  • Looking for locals

    Hi y'all. Love Quilting Arts magazine and the fresh inspiration it offers every other month. I figure this is the right place to start... Is there anyone out there in the North Myrtle Beach, Little River, SC area interested in mixed media/quilting, PAPER MAKING to share ideas with? I am retired ...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by papillionquilts on 2 Oct 2009
  • Mixed media artists in Denver

    I'm looking for a mixed media group in the Denver metro area. I'd love to find a group of people who actually meet in person to share their artwork and help each other out. Sometimes I feel like I work in a vaccuum and I decided I'd like to meet other people who like to do mixed media art...
    Posted to Mixed Media (Forum) by Ronni4 on 2 Sep 2009
  • Re: definition of a quilt

    Being a non quilter I've always wondered this too. Particularly when an official bod answered my query with "the usual two layers" - errrrrrm I thought "the usual" was THREE layers. Then someone went to a show and came back and told me there was a piece made up of broken china...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by FibreReaction on 5 Aug 2009
  • Re: Starting to work on miniture quilts

    I think that's why I love the idea- there are really no boundaries!
    Posted to Piecework (Forum) by bragginrights on 3 Aug 2009
  • Re: Starting to work on miniture quilts

    I'm not quite sure how I intend to do it- I definetly kknow that I love the look of the "collage-type" style, using different mediums, adding multiple textures, incorporating embroidery, etc. I'd like to sell them in my shop as wall hangings, so I was thinking about 12 X 12, with a...
    Posted to Piecework (Forum) by bragginrights on 3 Aug 2009