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  • Re: Hi from the beautiful island of St Martin in the Caribbean's

    Glad to be here, it is a wonderful site and I intend to use it often to exchange ideas and hear from other great quilters. Good to have you on board too, talk to you soon. Caribquilter
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by Caribquilter on 12 Nov 2009
  • Re: Hi from the beautiful island of St Martin in the Caribbean's

    Hi Muppin, thanks for the tip. I thought I'd be able to find a fixator spray and simply spray the piece to seal it. I vaguely remember a product like that in the stores in California when I lived there. If it exists I'd have to order it online because it is not available on my island. And yes...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by Caribquilter on 12 Nov 2009
  • Re: Hello from NC!

    Hi LRM, welcome. Maybe in the future we'll be able to share some ideas, it's always great to be able to exchange ideas and experiences with those who share the same passion. I joined one day after you, am impatiently waiting to be able to subscribe to QA Magazine (slight glitch, my island is...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by Caribquilter on 11 Nov 2009
  • Hi from the beautiful island of St Martin in the Caribbean's

    Hi, I just joined Quilting Arts forum. I am a relatively new quilter, just finished my 2nd project and plan to show them online as soon as I get the how to. I'm positive there is a lot to learn from all of you and I'm truly looking forward to be able to exchange views with some of you. Quilting...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by Caribquilter on 9 Nov 2009
  • Re: What is your favorite surface technique?

    My favorite technique is thread. I find the colors so varied and the thicknesses create different effects. I never feel one of my pieces has come alive until I have changed the textures with thread. Most often I build the piece and it seems flat, like painting a canvas. But then, I get out my palette...
    Posted to Surface Design (Forum) by arlijohn on 6 Nov 2009
  • Hello from Parrish Florida

    Hi All I am new to Quilting Arts - Have quilted for a while and really want to learn about embellishments - with yarns and buttons etc. Looking forward to reading what you all have to say! nursnis
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by nursnis on 1 Sep 2009
  • night shift and quilting

    I'm working the nite shift at our local hospital . It doesn't stop me from thinking about quilting and usually shopping that is quilt related. I must admit I'm obsessed and this site gives me such great ideas. It also helps me realize that when we stray from traditional we are actually honoring...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by sha1non on 26 Jul 2009
  • Re: Hello! New member from Daytona Beach Florida

    [quote user="clrfast"]I would like to see if it is possible to make some kind of income with my quilting.[/quote] Kim, I've belonged to three different quilt guilds over the years and within each one there was always a call for quilters to quilt tops that others had sewn, inherited, or...
    Posted to Say Hello! (Forum) by denisemarie53 on 24 Jul 2009
  • Marking for Free Motion

    I normally just go for it with free motion, so I have no experience with marking. I have a quilt ready for quilting (lap quilt) and I think it needs a more structured quilting pattern. I have a pounce bag and have used it with stencils (ones used for painting) I'll be glad to get your advise. Thanks...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by roycecreative on 16 Jul 2009
  • Re: What sewing machine do you use?

    I use a Juki TL98Q for free motion quilting. I LOVE it! A few weeks ago our house alarm system went crazy blasting fire, fire, fire. I ran around the house to see if it was a false alarm, threw Toby, our aussie, on the patio for safety, and then decided the first thing to save is the Juki! It does only...
    Posted to Stitching (Forum) by amybharry on 9 Jul 2009