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  • Re: ethically ethnic cuffs

    I finally have the pictures for the cuffs. It only took 3 months!!! Here they are. The one in the middle is mine. The 2 smaller ones are my little girls. Chloe is now 7 and Zora is 5 1/2. They love their cuffs! Of COurse they had to be pink!
    Posted to Quilting Arts Magazine (Forum) by caren12 on 3 Nov 2009
  • Mug Cozy - QA Gifts Holiday 2009-2010

    I am working on the cozy. I feel that the instructions would be easier to follow if instead of a full page picture of the finished mug, there was a quarter page picture and more illustrations of the steps. I think it's a good idea and when I finish it, I plan to work on the multiple eyeglass case...
    Posted to Quilting Arts Magazine (Forum) by paperpest on 7 Oct 2009
  • Cracked Paper Quilts

    I wrote the article Cracked Paper Quilts for Quilting Arts, issue 39 . I have just made a video (my first!) which shows how I piece and appliqué the top for a paper quilt. Hopefully this will be useful to readers of the article. Carpe diem!
    Posted to Quilting Arts Magazine (Forum) by carolwiebe on 9 Jul 2009