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  • Thermofax - what is it, please?

    I'm a newbie to this so please be gentle. What is thermofax? I have not come across it here in Australia, and wonder if its similar to Print Gocco, though the photos I have seen suggest its a much bigger screen. But then close ups can be very misleading. Or is it also known as Riso (?), something...
    Posted to Surface Design (Forum) by CarolineA on 2 Mar 2011
  • Re: thermofax...changing a light bulb

    I want to purchase one of these, at a reasonable price....any info on how to get one? Thanks, Karin
    Posted to Surface Design (Forum) by khusty on 13 Jul 2010
  • thermofax...changing a light bulb

    Hi! I am hoping that someone out there has experience changing a bulb in a thermofax machine, I have the 3m4550 and it was working great but the light stopped coming on...i found a manual on ebay (and I will send it to anyone who needs it) but I am not sure it had all the pages and there are no instructions...
    Posted to Surface Design (Forum) by tula143 on 6 Jul 2010
  • Re: thermofax prints

    Agreed Denisemarie53, - the last time I used a thermofax was as a junior high teacher in 1978- are they still made? Guess I need to Google the company. We certainly don't use these in schools anymore. Are they available in Copy shops (like Kinkos?)? It would be great if we knew where to find a single...
    Posted to Surface Design (Forum) by mary j3 on 16 Jul 2009
  • Re: thermofax prints

    I played with thermofax screen printing in a Lesley Riley workshop a few summers ago. It made me wish I'd had the foresight to snag a thermofax machine when my school dumped theirs years ago! Here is a link to a video download (on sale!): http://shop.quiltingdaily.com/store/p/1932-Demystifying-Thermofax...
    Posted to Surface Design (Forum) by denisemarie53 on 14 Jul 2009