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  • Re: beautiful website but know one knows I am in cyberspace

    Francine, I love your website! I have web design/social media marketing experience, and the only thing missing from your beautiful site is..... NOT the Facebookie thing...you got that... You need the biggies for getting free promotion from your viewers... WHERE are the Pintrest and Twitter buttons??...
    Posted to Minding Your Business (Forum) by DCarrDesigns on 7 Jun 2014
  • Re: Social Media Favorites

    Jena, There are a quite a few artists on Twitter who use it really effectively. Look for Lisa Call, Jeanne Williamson, and Natalya Aikens (Twitter handles below) to start with. You can also find cool artists to follow by seeing who some of your favorite artists follow. If your social media platform-of...
    Posted to Minding Your Business (Forum) by jane davila on 1 Jun 2013
  • Social Media Favorites

    What's your favorite social media platform and why? Has anyone tried Vine yet? What do you think?
    Posted to Minding Your Business (Forum) by jane davila on 27 Mar 2013
  • How do you attract more followers to your blog?

    Hi, I've had a blog for a while now but I haven't managed to attract very many folowers. I have been pretty good about posting fairly regularly and including lots of pics but still have only 11 people following me. After watching other people's blogs I've decided this month to do a giveaway...
    Posted to Minding Your Business (Forum) by jolouise on 11 Jan 2012
  • Online presence

    How are people making use of the Internet to promote their business? How much time do you spend on the internet as a business and where do you go? Facebook, Blogs (your own and/or others), Twitter etc. In particular I have a blog that I am using currently as a personal craft blog ( http://sorchaogle...
    Posted to Minding Your Business (Forum) by nordie on 6 Jun 2011
  • Re: The Artist and the Internet

    Pokey, Though this post is dated a few months ago, I wanted to respond. As far as the internet, I've been a blogger since January 2005. I began the blog as a way to chronicle my progress and work. Through the years, I've been in contact with many like minded artists that I would never meet otherwise...
    Posted to Minding Your Business (Forum) by artl8dy on 15 May 2010