How to Machine Embroider Quilts: 5 Free Embroidery Designs and Techniques

Line, shape, depth, color—if your quilt needs it, machine embroidery techniques can help you achieve it. You don’t need a machine with fancy computerized embroidery stitches, either. With the tutorials for embroidery techniques in our free eBook, you’ll learn how to machine embroider your quilts and fiber art projects with the average modern sewing machine.

With each tutorial you will expand your embroidery design repertoire and add dimension to your projects in ways you never imagined. Whether you have been using embroidery stitches all your life or are just learning how to embroider, this free eBook will show you many exciting ways to add texture and embroidery design to your quilts. Download your free eBook on machine embroidery designs today!

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Download your free eBook of machine embroidery designs and techniques.
From satin stitch embroidery to free-motion, you'll love the free embroidery designs and techniques in this eBook.

Learn how to embroider quilts with this free guide to embroidery stitches and machine embroidery projects!

The expert stitch machine embroidery and quilt artists in this free eBook will teach you:

  • The basics of free-motion embroidery, including what feet to use.
  • How to create machine embroidery designs on your quilt art with free-motion stitching, zigzag stitching, and satin stitch embroidery.
  • How to machine embroider using your bobbin thread.
  • How to create circular embroidery patterns without marking.
  • How to select the right thread for your machine embroidery projects.
  • How to create a flower garden, join quilt blocks, and make a geometric impact on your quilt.

Grab your free machine embroidery projects eBook and get started today!

Machine Embroidery Stitches: Defining the Line: Free-motion Embroidery Skills

#1: Machine Embroidery & Stitches

Defining the Line: Free-motion Embroidery Skills by Ellen Anne Eddy

Many quilters are under the impression that you need a top-of-the-line sewing machine to do free-motion embroidery. Not so! In fact, it’s not about fancy machinery or hard-to-find gadgets. Machine embroidery techniques have been around since the sewing machine was invented. Ellen offers tips and hints for how to get started, from which foot to use to how to sign your name in embroidery stitches.

Satin Stitch Embroidery: Versatile Satin Stitch

#2: Satin Stitch Embroidery

Versatile Satin Stitch by Kathy York

Enrich your quilts with simple machine embroidery. Follow Kathy’s instructions to stabilize your work, choose threads and needles, and adjust the machine settings for guaranteed success with satin stitch embroidery. From using it to finish the edges of a quilt, to joining quilt blocks, to free-motion quilting and creating shapes, the satin stitch is one you’ll use over and over again.

Free-Motion Machine Embroidery: An Embroidered Garden: Wild Zigzag Free-Motion Stitching

#3: Free-Motion Machine Embroidery

An Embroidered Garden: Wild Zigzag Free-Motion Stitching by Ellen Anne Eddy

Using the zigzag stitch, Ellen shows how to create fanciful flowers. You design the individual motifs on a stabilizer sandwich

Machine Embroidery Patterns: Quilting in Circles: An Innovative Technique to Stitch Perfect Spiraling Circles

#4: Machine Embroidery Patterns

Quilting in Circles: An Innovative Technique to Stitch Perfect Spiraling Circles by Carol Taylor

Carol developed this easy method to create perfect circles of machine embroidery with no marking or tedious preparation. She offers tips on thread choice and gives three variations.

Machine Embroidery Appliqué: Reverse Appliqué & Bobbin Embroidery with a Twist

#5: Machine Embroidery Appliqué

Reverse Appliqué & Bobbin Embroidery with a Twist by Yvonne Brown

Yvonne experiments with a mix of tissue paper, layers of synthetic fabrics and bobbin embroidery. Bobbin embroidery is great for when you want to achieve simple, flowing embroidery designs with specialty threads or ribbons too heavy or big to fit through your top needle. Because you wind the specialty threads or ribbons in the bobbin, you stitch with your work face down on the machine. A more challenging embroidery technique, but the results are worth the effort!

What are you waiting for? Find the best tips on how to embroider and get free machine embroidery designs, all in this one free eBook!

Whether you’ve been adding embroidery to quilts for years or are wanting to for the first time, this collection of free embroidery patterns and techniques is one you’ll want to have! What better place to begin than with a review of the basics of free-motion machine embroidery with help from Ellen Anne Eddy in her article “Defining the Line,” Next, move on to one of the most versatile machine embroidery stitches, the satin stitch. In Kathy York’s article, “Versatile Satin Stitch” she explains how satin stitch embroidery can play a unique role in the making of art quilts.

Learn how to make an embroidered garden on your quilts using zigzag free-motion machine embroidery in “An Embroidered Garden,” then round out your learning with a look at creating the perfect quilted circles with “Quilting in Circles.”

Finish with “Reverse Appliqué & Bobbin Embroidery with a Twist,” where you’ll learn all about machine embroidery appliqué. In this article Yvonne Brown teaches you to combine painted tissue paper, fabric, and machine bobbin embroidery to create flowing, textured, and layered designs.

Create embroidered designs such as this with this free guide to how to embroider quilts.