Free Guide to Machine Needle Felting for Quilters

What is needle felting, and how can you make it easy using machine techniques? It’s a modern twist on one of the oldest ways to make fabric: mingling fibers so that they interlock and become one piece. Needle-felting machines (also called embellishers) look like a sewing machine, but instead of one needle they have several barbed needles that punch the fibers, meshing them together to create a new, unique piece of fabric.

Basic machine needle felting is easy and fun, but it takes some practice to create needle felting projects that make the best use of color, composition, and balance.

In this free eBook, you will learn how to needle felt with a machine, what kinds of fibers work best, how to layer your fibers and keep the composition together before you needle felt, how to sort and store your fibers, and how to create a composition, plus how to dye sheers and create a design with photo-editing software. Get these free needle felting instructions today when you download your free eBook.

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Download your free guide to machine needle felting for quilters.
Learn how to needle felt using machine techniques to create quilt elements like these.

Learn how to needle felt using a felting machine to create quilt elements with texture and color!

From using traditional wool to silk roving, these featured needle felting patterns and designs are sure to inspire your adventures. You won’t believe what incredible quilts you can create using machine needle felted elements. From an entire quilt created in layers to individual elements you can appliqué onto an art quilt,

Needle Felting Tutorial: Needle-Felted and Hand-Stitched Fiber Art by Jane LaFazio

Tutorial #1

Needle-Felted & Hand-Stitched Fiber Art: Working in a Series by Jane LaFazio

Needle-felting cloth with pre-felt pieces and fiber is easy and quick to do, and the results make a fabulous surface on which to hand sew, says Jane. With her machine needle-felting instructions and tips, you will be able to create a series of small pieces, and learn how to hand-dye sheers, too.

Needle Felting Patterns: Take Machine Needle Felting to the Next Level by Leslie Tucker Jenison

Tutorial #2

Stepping Out: Take Machine Needle Felting to the Next Level by Leslie Tucker Jenison

Machine felting one piece of fiber to another left Leslie with a lot of interesting experiments, but no finished needle-felting projects—until she thought to use Timtex as a foundation. In this needle-felting how-to, Leslie shows you how to create a small, finished quilt with needle-felted elements.

Needle Felting How-To: Field of Flowers by Pokey Bolton

Tutorial #3

Field of Flowers by Pokey Bolton

With silk roving, bits of novelty fabrics, and a digital camera, this activity is a fun way to practice this technique while also playing with your photo-editing software. Pokey shows you step-by step how to compose your landscape digitally. Then use it as a reference as you needle felt your fibers.

What are you waiting for? This inspiring needle felting how-to will have you running for your Embellisher machine and fibers!

We all have them: bits of novelty fibers, silk ribbons, colorful threads, sheer fabric scraps, and less than ideal knitting projects that clutter up our sewing rooms. They’re too good to throw out but what do you make with them? Machine needle felting to the rescue!

You can machine felt fibers to create small, free-standing embellishments, textured areas on larger fiber art pieces, or entire works. In this free guide, quilters will discover three methods for creating your own needle felted pieces you can use in all sorts of quilts. Get started today with each needle felting tutorial!

Free needle felting instructions to create quilts like this.