4 Inspired Quilts using Image Transfer Techniques

Do you have a stash of old photos you’d like to use in your quilts? Or, do digital images languish in your phone or camera when they could be made into a focal point on fabric? With image transfer techniques, you can incorporate photos, letters, papers, and other ephemera into your quilt designs. New supplies and technologies make photo transfers easier than ever.

There are many ways to transfer images and ephemera onto fabric, and we want to help you learn four of the best. One method favored by artists who like an imperfect, vintage look is to use a wet medium, such as soft gel medium, paint, or even water and inkjet-printed photos. You never know quite what you’re going to get—but that’s part of the artistry.

Or discover a more precise, and durable, way to make a photo transfer is by using image transfer paper, such as Transfer Artist Paper™ (aka TAP). This technique not only provides a crisper image transfer, it bonds with the fabric and heat-sets the image, making it washable.

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Different Points of View: Working with Fabric and Paper Transfers by Annette Morgan

Tutorial #1

Different Points of View: Working with Fabric and Paper Transfers by Annette Morgan

Image transfers are quite easy to do and there are many different products on the market with which to experiment. Annette uses inkjet transfer paper (often used for t-shirts) that you can find in craft stores and stationery shops. After she makes the photo transfers, Annette paints the back of the fabric with inks or dyes, so they blend seamlessly with the other papers and fabrics in her quilt.

Using Tsukineko Inks with Colored Newspaper Image Transfers by Jeannie Palmer Moore

Tutorial #2

Using Tsukineko Inks with Colored Newspaper Transfer by Jeannie Palmer Moore

When Jeannie learned how to use Tsukineko inks, she marveled not just at how beautifully these watercolor inks worked on fabric, but how well they combined with other surface design techniques. In this tutorial, she shows how to add texture to her fabric paintings with colored newspaper image transfers.

Using Transfer Artist Paper: Tapping into Image Transfers by Lesley Riley

Tutorial #3

Tapping into Image Transfers by Lesley Riley

Lesley began transferring images to fabric before the days of color printers and home computers. Since then she has discovered how to transfer images to fabric that is not only easy, but also permanent and washable. Transfer Artist Paper™ or TAP™ is the latest technology in iron-on transfer paper, and Lesley shows you how to make the most of it.

Photo Transfers: Every Picture Tells a Story by Mary Ann Tipple

Tutorial #4

Every Picture Tells a Story by Mary Ann Tipple

Learn how to make large-scale photo transfer quilts with this tutorial. Start by looking for a compelling image, with faces or poses that suggest a story, then learn how to enlarge the image and transfer it to fabric using gel medium. An image transfer quilt like this will surely become an heirloom and a lovely reminder of the importance of family.

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  • Use gel medium to make image transfers using photos, ephemera, and newspapers.
  • Use Transfer Artist Paper and incorporate the images into a complete art quilt design.
  • Enhance your image transfer artwork with lace, ephemera, and other materials that add texture, context, and history to the piece.
  • Evaluate your design and add paint, ink, found objects, and text to create a polished piece of artwork.

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