Quilt Embellishments: 5 Free Quilt Embellishment Ideas including Crazy Quilting and Surface Embellishment

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Is there a limit on what you can use for art quilt embellishments? Not really! Anything you can stitch or glue onto fabric (or fabric/paper) that isn’t so heavy the art falls off the wall is fair game. From more traditional embellishments harking back to crazy quilting (like beading and hand embroidery stitches) to metal found objects and lighting, in our free eBook you’ll find out how to create a modern-day crazy quilt and embellish it in ways you might never have imagined. In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Mixed-media methods for creating background papers.
  • Tips for stitching with metallic threads and yarns.
  • How to manipulate silk rods and cocoons for stitching.
  • Beading techniques and tips.
  • Tips for stitching zippers.
  • How to incorporate LED lights into a quilt design.
  • The different kinds of metal cloth and how to manipulate it for fiber art embellishment.
  • How to apply a patina to metal cloth using heat or liver of sulfur.
  • Basic quilting and quilt embellishment techniques.

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Quilt Embellishments: 5 Free Quilt Embellishment Ideas including Crazy Quilting and Surface Embellishment

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Learn how to crazy quilt stitches as embellishment, and other techniques too.

Metal Embellishments: Metal as a Surface Embellishments

Metal Embellishments: Project #1

Metal as a Surface Embellishment: Metal Cloth by Mary Hettmansperger

Hardware cloth, screen, and mesh are all unusual metal embellishments that can add dimension and interest to your fiber art, offering a variety of design options for any quilt surface.

LED Fabric Embellishing: Light Up Your Art Quilts

LED Fabric Embellishing: Project #2

Light Up Your Art Quilts: Embellishing With Led Electronics by Cheryl Sleboda

LEDs are truly unique quilting embellishments, and all the necessary parts are readily available at your local electronics store or online.

Unique Embellishing Techniques: Fun with Silk Rods, Cocoons, and Bark

Unique Embellishing Techniques: Project #3

Fun with Silk Rods, Cocoons, and Bark by Stef Francis

Although the results look wonderfully complex and intricate, Stef shows you how to use threads, beads, and sequins with simple stitches and embellishment techniques to create these gems.

Floral Crazy Quilting: Florabundance

Floral Crazy Quilting: Project #4

Florabundance by Jill A. Kennedy

Learn how to make a crazy quilt mixed media-style, using paper, embroidery, beaded embellishment, and machine stitching.

Zipper Surface Embellishment: Put A Little Zip In Your Art Quilts

Zipper Surface Embellishment: Project #5

Put A Little Zip In Your Art Quilts: Designing and Embellishing With Zippers by Jamie Fingal

When you want to add a little dimension, texture, or just a fun accent to your art quilts, zippers can play a part in surface embellishment and quilt design.

Now's the time to learn how to crazy quilt embellish, and think outside the box with your quilts!

Take your art quilts to the next level with this unique collection of quilt embellishment techniques. Learn how to make a crazy quilt with embellishments such as zippers, then how to add metal embellishments on the surface. Next, explore crazy quilt stitches for flower based crazy quilt embellishments, and using LEDs to light up your design. Whether you try one or try them all, you're sure to love this unique collection of ideas.

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Find quilt and fabric embellishing ideas, such as these silk cocoons.

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Quilt Embellishments: 5 Free Quilt Embellishment Ideas including Crazy Quilting and Surface Embellishment

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