Big News: Stitch Auto-Ship Program!




By a huge margin, the most frequent question that comes through my email inbox has to do with how to get a subscription to Stitch. We love working on Stitch, and it makes us really happy that so many people love to read it! Unfortunately, Stitch has only been available on newsstands, and I’ve had to answer countless emails with “Sorry, we don’t have a subscription option, but we promise we’re working on something!” Well, the big news is finally here – we’re happy to announce that you can now subscribe to Stitch via the auto-ship option in our online store! Hooray!

When you sign up for the auto-ship program, you’ll get each new issue of Stitch automatically delivered to you as soon as it reaches our warehouse. You’ll also receive a discount off our normal cover price – each issue is $12.50 instead of $14.99 – and there’s free shipping for U.S. residents (and only $5 shipping for international residents). You can join at any time, and cancel at any time.

For more information, and to sign up, click here to go to our online store.

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7 thoughts on “Big News: Stitch Auto-Ship Program!

  1. I would love to subscribe, so I visited the store. However, the only shipping option for the UK is $15.76 (which appears to be per issue) which is more than the magazine itself, which I cannot justify.

  2. Hi SaraT,

    The auto-ship program includes reduced shipping rates, so your shipping will definitely not be that high. The program includes free shipping for US residents and $5 shipping for international orders.

  3. Hi,
    Having gone through the shopping basket a second time, the shipping option that is added to my order has now changed to match $5 for international orders as you described, rather than the price that was calculated when I went through the same process earlier so I have now placed my order and look forward to my magazine!

  4. Hi,
    I would love to subscribe to Stitch Magazine, but when I click on the link to subscribe I receive an error message. I have tried in different browsers, but with no success. Can I subscribe by emailing my details?

  5. I’m not at all impressed with this auto-ship program. The magazine has been in the stores almost 2 weeks and I still don’t have my issue. I joined the auto-ship program the end of June. I wrote to customer service and have yet to receive a response from them.

  6. I love interweave stitch magazine , and really want to subscribe…… However I can’t, says there are problems with doing so . When I read comments, their all from the year 2011. And with it being April of 2012 , i’m confused as to if a subscription , actually exist ????

    Please HELP !! Thanks. Sue Montgomery.